Mobile Team Community Summit Notes

WP-API and the Mobile Apps

Currently the apps use WPCOM API and XML-RPC. WP-API works just like any REST API, but the big problem for the apps is Authentication. The discussion focused on that.

  • SSL
  • Need a centralized server
  • Ultimately: we are going to (probably) use “”The Broker””
    • Multiple centrally-hosted OAUTH providers (.org, .com)
    • .org could be the basic case (default)
    • In interim we can hardcode a client ID for the app – once we move to the broker we can move it over (will not require app update).
    • Q: does this require connecting .org accounts to individual sites? A: no
  • oAuth2 support is in progress for WP-API
  • Concerns about The Broker as a security vulnerability
    • Is it possible to de-trust the broker itself?
  • This will be a plugin initially, so the apps can’t rely on it existing – at least 6 months out (feature plugin)
  • Right now any (non-authenticated) public stuff – apps can start moving over.
  • WPCOM is already running WP-API & starting to migrate over

Idea: magic login links for apps in WP new user email?

Mobile Views on Sites

We’re probably failing users on mobile because most views on sites probably aren’t coming from mobile.

  • AMP may be making people lazy.
  • AMP, responsive themes is the view.
  • Exciting things, like JavaScript, overshadow  mobile.
  • Show ways people can gain, like PWA.
  • Performance is necessary for developing countries.
  • TRT will meet with Google about performance, etc.
  • How do we carrot/stick people?
    • How do we help them?
    • Matt Marquis doing some interesting work here.
  • Make speed cool.
    • Helps with page rank.
    • Make a hangout.
    • Reframe as performance.
    • Do some different benchmarking with top themes. Top 10 themes. .Org/.Com – but it on
  • TRT has too many rules and they’re trying to reduce the burdens.
    • Theme creators are a skillset that’s vast.
    • Don’t know what the baseline is for a good mobile theme.
    • Could use theme preview on .Org.
  • How do we seek out people to talk about performance?
    • How do we get them thinking about mobile and performance?
    • Tag would need to be automated and added.
    • Articulate the problems with themes.
    • Use different devices at WordCamps.
    • Needs to be in user’s face – WordCamp talks?