Today: Co-working, Shirts, and BBQ

Officially the summit is over, but about 40 or so people are sticking around until later this week to continue the in the spirit of the event.


Most people have expressed interest in working together over the next couple of days, either working on the action items from yesterday’s discussions, working on getting 3.5 closer to completion, working on some other collaborative project, or just catching up on missed work from yesterday in the company of the wp folks. The Jitterbug opens at 8, and people are welcome to work there to get the fast wifi (tell the staff you are with the summit and they’ll give you 10% off). We also have a number of cottages that we rented for the team reps and coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. team to stay in, so those could potentially host some action as well.


The shirts are here, and in my car waiting to be handed out to everyone who didn’t grab theirs last night. Unfortunately, I locked my keys in my car last night, and “emergency roadside assistance” told me to call back after 8am because there was no one open yet. So, I’m guessing I’ll be able to get me, my car and the shirts over to the Jitterbug closer to 9:30 than 8 (though cafe staff will have opened and be putting away all our stuff from yesterday). If you have to leave before I can get them out of my car, we will mail it to you this afternoon if you leave your address. Once the car has been cracked, shirts can be picked up at the Jitterbug.


Don’t forget about Ryan Duff’s BBQ tonight! He really does need to have a count of how many people will be there, though, so if you are planning to attend but haven’t let him know yet, please do so.