Summary of Morning Discussions

Notes by Mark Jaquith and Brian Layman

Aaron Jorbin: Accessibility

Action Item:make which will talk about successes we’re having and ways people can get involved

  • Also talked about increasing involvement of accessibility experts and ease of testing of patches.
  • Need for default themes to be good examples of accessibility.
  • 2013 should have the #1 goal of accessibility.

Helen Hou-Sandi: UI Core in WP Action Item:Review the draft handboook on UI processes, decisions, philosophies and publish it.

  • Talked about communication and how to be collaborative in the development process
  • With a large pool of developers already, how to we attract and retain designers contributors?
  • Discussed pain points & doing weekly summaries on the UI blog.
  • In the P2 posts they will summarize meeting notes but will also present advancements and news and links from around the web for discussion.

Chip Bennett: Theme review team

Action Item:Better document the workflow for theme review to make that process more transparent and consistent.

  • talked about workflow, consistency, timelines

Siobhan McKeown: Improving Handbooks

Action Item:Recent rockstars will be immediately to include non-coders

  • A standard format should exist for the handbooks
  • profiles need to be updated to include many more areas of contribution

Ben Metcalf: Managed WP Hosts

Action Item: Formalize methods of communication between the core teams about problem plugins.

  • The lists of problem plugins that each host has should be communicated with core
  • A standardized definition of “Managed WordPress Hosting” is perhaps needed as it means different things.
  • Discussed

Mitcho: Making WP global

Action Item:make./global Site with a forum, and

  • Discussed where the international conversations occurs
  • Profiles should list the languages in which people work with

Nacin: i18n improvements

Action Item:Theme updates destroy translation files. This must fixed and a solution is currently under dev now.

  • Languages into core
  • Multibyte into core
  • Will be open sourcing Simon Wheatley’s multilingual WordPress code

Mitcho: Using WordPress as a framework

Action Item:Implement a stability index for our APIs like Node.js and create a development philosophy page on the codex.

  • What is the philosophy of dev in WP cycle & APIs: Should it be users first or devs first?
  • Core use cases or other use cases?
  • New things built into core should be built as a plugin and shipped as a plugin
  • ForWordPress, not BackPress

Peter Chester: Contributing to Core without it being a Full Time Job

Action Item:Put a header on P2 themes telling you what to do to contribute to that area

  • Discussed how to not quit your day job and get business buy in to improving the core.
  • Licking a firehose is not a sustainable working model
  • Lots of mailing lists, lots of information. It is too much for a non dedicated dev to fully follow contribute effectively.
  • Could put together teams around components, modularize the communication
  • Core commits rely too much on serendipity. Hard to get a commit through without talking to the right people at the right time.
  • Should architect a workflow to increase efficiency.

Mike Schroeder: Improving Deployments on WordPress

Action Item: Create a codex page that lists the popular ways to deploy and discusses options that are available

  • Two problems: users being able to easily test changes, and roll back. Devs being able to push from localdev to staging to deployment.
  • Files are mostly a solved problem. Talked about Git and WP Stack. Will partially solve the issue.
  • Content is the main issue at this point.
  • There are probably many solutions available that were not released to public and these should be discussed.

Andrea Rennick: WordPress Codex

Action Item: A roadmap will be created, separating different use cases for the codex

  • Codex is a mess and a mix of perspectives
  • User, Dev and end user sections need to be seperated
  • No best practices page
  • Too much stuff is missing
  • We should focus on getting data up on the Codex
  • Relates to handbooks

Remkus DeVries: Transparency of the WordPress Foundation

Action Item:Publish make/events subcommittees list

  • The foundation revolves around WordCamp
  • Discussed WordCamps & Foundation
  • Talked a lot with Andrea about guidelines
  • Better ways to re-word guidelines that make them more clear and explain the reasons behind them
  • Talked about which started but did not get followed up on

Trent Lapinski: Theme Functionality vs Plugins

Action Item:Codex page for standards, containers for common functionality, better communication

  • Themes sometimes have functionality better suited for plugins

Isaac Keyet: Mobile Apps

Action Item:Make a page that describes the apps, their place in the ecosystem, and their goals (for potential contributors)

  • Different experience from the web
  • built on native device capabilities
  • Offline usage: easier in apps than on web
  • Better communication between API devs and mobile devs
  • Weekly chats happening now
  • Moving forums over to main site
  • Who owns mobile apps and develops them? Automattic?
  • It’s okay for “third parties” to have specific functionality in the WP mobile apps.
  • Make it easier to fork the apps for specific hosts.

Alex Mills (Viper007Bond): Plugin dependencies

Action Item:continue the discussion (too long for session)

  • Themes and Plugins both need it

Jared Smith: GPL

Action Item:Improved resources around GPL topics

  • Split licenses were discussed
  • Talked about GPL distribution
  • Spirit of law vs letter
  • User interests vs dev
  • community vs commercial
  • uniform application of guidelines
  • IP protection, copyright, trademark, etc
  • Have businesses embrace the GPL