Summary of Afternoon Discussions

John James Jacoby:

Action item: Open source the base theme, and then plugins that we use so people can contribute to them

  • Talked about pain points that organizers have for using

Andy Stratton: Commercial Plugins and Quality Control

Action item: Should push people in support forums to the right place

  • Kill switches?

Brian Layman: How can developers with small plugins make money and be legit?

Action item: Show top downloaded, recently added (6mo?) plugins on the plugin repo to promote new authors

  • Plugin stores often do allow GPL plugins
  • Many reasons why it might be better to release it on your own: customers are your customers not theirs.
  • Freemium is a workable model but donation really is not
  • Should approach established plugin companies establish a relationship and see if they want to publish your plugin.

Cristi Burcă (Scribu): Future of Multisite

Action item: wp-signup.php converted to theme templates, domain mapping in core

  • There are two main use cases: untrusted users, groups of sites
  • Focused mainly on the second use case
  • Hard to share data between sites (though switch_to_blog() is faster now)
  • Long term goal: better support for multiple networks
  • Should set up a team for handling multisite tickets in Trac

Tom Wilmot: How WP Businesses can Give Back

Action item: Mailing list for agencies to combine resources on contributing

  • Many businesses want to give back
  • Agencies might be good at tack

Mike Adams: JS

Action item: Blog more on make/core under JS tag

  • Why are people less proficient in JS
  • Codex and handbook improvements
  • More unit tests

Daryl Koopersmith: Customizer future

Action item: roadmap for core to allow for those other use cases, and have theme review team recommend using the customizer in core

  • Not just in theme switching but outside that
  • Post preview, site creation, onboarding

Michael Fields: Pain when theme switching

Action item: Push findings to community and make plugin to bulk associated featured images to post, and core fix for widgets

  • Widgets get lost
  • Featured images might be required but missing

Mitcho: Plugin performance and security

Action item: Individual plugin reviews on, and Example of a bad plugin, checking of syntax errors pre commit

  • We really need three approaches: education, reviews, automation
  • Capture the flag competition?

Simon Wheatley: Abandoned plugins

Action item: Discuss and define policy for taking over a plugin by another author

  • Difficulty of reaching plugin authors
  • Forking plugins
  • Merging patches
  • Support levels for plugins? Bug, product, user queries?
  • Advertise plugins for adoption
  • Recognize a plugin as a fork

Sara Cannon: WordPress and Women

Action item: Positive code of conduct, encourage women to speak at local meetups

  • General tech problem, not just WP
  • WP Community better than most communities
  • Still want to have a positive code of conduct

Aaron Jorbin: Meetups

Action item: Meetup organizers made authors on make/events

  • Could share remote programming
  • What programs work and which don’t?
  • Sustaining membership

Peter Chester: Updates

Action item: differentiate between security, major, minor releases

  • Opt in vs opt out
  • Plugin or theme upgrades
  • Security vs major vs minor
  • Ability to do rollback painlessly
  • APIs to trigger an upgrade
  • Plugins reverted when WSOD on upgrade
  • File verification
  • Data migration
  • Plugins specify major/minor
  • More information on make/core — point by point plan