Confirming Things

Hey folks! Today was the day I requested RSVPs to be in by. Almost all came in, so I’m moving forward with the budget and such without the last few stragglers’ responses so that we don’t lose momentum. I had planned to post info on sponsoring the event today, but since there were so many last-minute RSVPs I’m amending the budget now and will plan to post sponsorship info within the next two days. In the meantime, I’ll be posting an application for travel scholarships (cribbed in large part from the one Drupal uses for DrupalCon), which will help round out the final budgeting before posting sponsorship levels. There will also be a form for requests for Letters of Invitation for visa applications.

Otto is working on switching this site over from the P2 theme to a modified version of the WordCamp theme so we’ll get all that built-in stuff like the attendees page and schedule and ticketing. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow or soon thereafter. [Update: We got it switched over while I was writing this post!]

Will also be enabling some bbPress forums here so people can start discussing travel dates and shared housing before booking anything. I have lined up a 20% discount with two vacation rental companies, so that should help. In addition to letting people talk amongst themselves in the forums, we’ll also provide a matching service for anyone looking for roommates or a couch so that everyone can take advantage of lower housing costs that wants to. That’ll all be getting posted this week, too.

Lastly, anyone who RSVPed Yes or Maybe will be getting an email from me with more details about dates and planning, as well as information about the area (since it sounds like a lot of people are planning to come for a longer period of time than just 2 nights), and the codes to use if you choose to book housing through the cottage rental places I mentioned.

If you are going to be attending, please sign up for email subscriptions to this blog (in sidebar on the right), as I will soon switch from emailing all the participants to just posting here with updates. Thanks!