Help us validate 5 WooCommerce extensions in 24 locales

Thanks to GoDaddy’s initiative to support localization of WordPress plugins & themes, we at Automattic received translations of 5 plugins in 24 locales.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Storefront Product Pagination
  3. Storefront Product Sharing
  4. Storefront Sticky Add to Cart
  5. WooCommerce Gateway Stripe

Validation process (2 options)

There are two ways you can use the translation files we have.

1. Review the translation using the PO files, then import them (you will receive credits).


2. Review Waiting strings on I will import everything in one week (in case GTEs prefer the method 1) as Waiting status.

  • Please feel free to leave a comment if you want the import to happen sooner for your locale.
  • If you don’t have time to validate, the translations will just stay as “Waiting”. There is no time limit to review them.


Note to validators

  • There may not be all 5 translation files for your locale. That’s because some of the plugins are 100% completed already.
  • Preparing these files involved a bit of manual work on my side, so if you see any technical flaws it’s probably my fault. Please don’t hesitate to point them out, and I’d be glad to fix/investigate the cause.
  • Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author of…

Hello Polyglots!

I am the plugin author of:

Easy FancyBox
Skype Legacy Buttons
Module control for Jetpack
XML Sitemap & Google News feeds

Could you please add the user Lenki.Mo as Chinese translation editor for these?

Thanks 🙂


Chinese (zh_CN) editor request for the Customizr theme

Hello Polyglots!

I am the author of the Customizr theme :

Can someone please add the following user as translation editor for Chinese ?

Thank you very much,


Hi can someone please run a deploy for…

Hi, can someone please run a deploy for The site has been in English for some while, and I have no idea how it went that way. Thanks!

#request, #zh_cn

New Maintainer for WordPress China


I am handing over my job to Jimmy Xu ( username: jimmyxu). I’ve already granted him Editor permission on Would you please grant him SVN permission to i18n repos? Thanks.

#request, #svn, #zh_cn

A number of users have complained about having…

A number of users have complained about having trouble posting on our forum. Please investigate what happened–

Nothing was posted since 5 months ago. I don’t seem to be able to access /bb-admin, either.

#forums, #request, #zh_cn

Any ideas why Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven…

Any ideas why Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven are not updating when using the automatic update for upgrading to 3.4? Users are reporting that after they update the themes separately, they lose the translation files for their themes…

#core, #zh_cn

MD5 hashes are not generating properly

Earlier today, our user reported that MD5 hashes for .tar.gz packages are not generating properly.

Please see this page:

Links like:


are actually the download link to the .tar.gz packages.

It would be nice if this could be fixed.

#request, #rosetta, #zh_cn

Request for feedback from East Asian languages for…

Request for feedback from East Asian languages for WordPress 3.4 core modifications.

In #8759, I’m looking for feedback for the editor word counts.

In #16079, I’m looking for feedback for the length of auto-generated excerpts.

If you could test the code and post in the relevant tickets, it would be much appreciated.

#3-4, #core, #ja, #my_mm, #zh_cn, #zh_tw

Hi there User xslidian our invited translator…

Hi there,

User “xslidian”, our invited translator and validator reported recently that in GlotPress site, he is unable to approve any strings of WordPress for Android project, as he can approve strings for WordPress core project.

Screenshots he sent to me are attached below, which I think may be useful:

  • Approving core strings without any problems:
  • Unable to approve strings of WordPress for Android project:

I noticed that in the WordPress core project, the language indicated is “Chinese (China)” but in WordPress for Android project, the language is “Chinese”, which might be the key to this issue.

Hope this can be fixed if possible.

#glotpress, #request, #zh_cn

Forum Recount Needed

Please do a thorough recount for our zh_CN forum:

If higher permission can be granted, that would be awesome.

#forums, #request, #zh_cn

Make the l10n plugins enabled by default

Upon the suggestion, I’ve just re-written the three features (Chinese video embedding, Dashboard style modification, and Asian character count fix) in /wp-content/languages/zh_CN.php into three separate plugins. I want them to be enabled by default after installation. To make zh_CN.php more efficient, instead of checking plugin state each time zh_CN.php is required in wp-settings.php, I want to request for an action hook that will run after initial WordPress installation and each core update.

That way I can hook to the “install finished” action and enable the l10n plugins. The reason why I want an “core updated” hook is that I want to make new l10n plugins we publish in the future be enabled automatically, as well. In zh_CN.php, I will of course use add_option() and get_option() to check if the plugins were disabled by the user manually before so it won’t be re-enabled automatically again.

If there’s a better way or guideline for such situation, please let me know. Thank you.

#request, #zh_cn

Regarding the word count problem

Hi there.

The current JavaScript code for counting words in editor ignores Chinese characters, so I am working on a patch which I intend to ship with future packages.

It seems that the easiest fix is to enqueue a modified wp-admin/js/word-count.js. Is it okay to put a modified version under the corresponding SVN dist/ directory, and get the original word-count.js replaced, OR I have to put it under wp-content/languages/ and play around with the hook to make it be queued to load?

Thank you.

#request, #svn, #zh_cn

Chinese (China): New Validator Request for WordPress for iOS

Could you please grant the user franklsf validator permission on Chinese (China) WordPress for iOS project? Thank you.

#glotpress, #request, #zh_cn

Re-count Fix Needed for WordPress Chinese (China)

Hello. I am encountering a problem that the “Untranslated” count on the language list for WordPress project doesn’t match the “Untranslated” filter on the translating screen.

The situation is: there are untranslated strings, but I am unable to filter them out by using the filter; however, they are visible when I go through the “All” list manually. Hope this could be fixed by doing a re-count or so for us to help the translating process to be more efficient. Thank you!

#glotpress, #request, #zh_cn