Hello everyone Today I erased the translated strings…

Hello everyone!

Today I erased the translated strings Georgian language for developer branches and begin from a scratch.
There was a lot of translation errors and inconsistencies.
In late June, the translation will be ready.

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Translating the WordPress Security White Paper

Hey lovely people,

The WordPress Security White Paper has been in the works for some time now, but got officially introduced recently.

The project is open for Pull Requests for translating it on GitHub for anyone interested and already has a pull request for Portuguese.

The white paper is an analysis and explanation of the WordPress core software development and its related security processes, as well as an examination of the inherent security built directly into the software. It will obviously be highly beneficial for every WordPress business and can be used in evaluating WordPress as a cms. It is also a “best practices guide” for developers.

The text in the white paper (not including the WordPress logo or trademark) is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

If we could join forces and help translate it into all languages WordPress is available in, it would be amazing and highly beneficial for the growing global community.

WordPress Security White Paper | The Project on GitHub

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I wrote here few days ago but I…

I wrote here few days ago, but I don’t know where is the message. Never mind.

I noticed that the Macedonian WP translation was a bit out of date (last release is 3.6 – August 2013) and the team isn’t active anymore. The local WP web page isn’t active too. I want to continue the translation support for WP and also for the others sub-project. So, can I become validator for Macedonian language?

I am writing this because my friends and I (almost) translated the bbPress part in Macedonian, because we want to use it into our local project.

Thanks in advance.

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Several projects are in need of updates

To summarize a number of requests that have not received the love they deserve, all related to the creation of projects in GlotPress.

WordPress 3.8.x – The WordPress project needs a 3.8.x sub-project, should have been created when 3.8 was released, we’re @ 3.8.1 now.

bbPress 2.5.x – Three follow up versions has been released since 2.5 (3 months old). What does /trunk give us, 2.6 dev or 2.5.x?

BuddyPress 1.8.x, 1.9.x – The BuddyPress projects are desperately behind. We’re @ 1.9.1!

How are we to know what the trunk projects gives us when it’s such a disarray? All these projects has been requested multiple times by different people. Do we really have to nag every time new projects need to be created?

What happened to the discussed planning for polyglots? Are we going anywhere at all?

Ping @vanillalounge

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I need admin access for Urdu translation the…

I need admin access for Urdu translation, the team dont answer me at all i have contributed to the translations and want to speed up the process more by being admin and bringing more editors to complete this project.

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Just finished my first wp Plugin Plugin to…

Just finished my first wp Plugin. Plugin to allow You to build and customized front end signup forms. Waiting for wp approval. Stay tunned.

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Some problem here When you go to catalan…

Some problem here.

When you go to catalan webpage you get a blank page:


Do you know what’s the problem?


WordPress translationion teams

Hi guys,
All of us here belong to the WordPress translating community and many know how frustrating the translating process is. WordPress has more than 3,300 strings (+500 for MultiSite), it’s just too much.

I think that the translators community has to be more involved in the development process to reduce the strings ammount and improve it’s quality. WordPress trac already have a few interesting ideas like:

  • Consolidate string with same meaning but different wording (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/14039)
  • Merge similar string (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/18218)
  • Replace/Remove html code entities (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7098#comment:10)

I would like to hear more ideas, based on your experience, how do you think we can improve the translating process and/or reduce the strings ammount? (you can add your trac tickets)

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Hello How can help translating wordpress in Greek…

How can help translating wordpress in Greek, and update el.wordpress.org

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I want to enable the forum in catalan…

I want to enable the forum in catalan language to help people in their language. I’ve seen this: https://es.forums.wordpress.org/

What have I to do in order to enable this feature?


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Hi Zé I think wordpress org should have…

Hi Zé,
I think wordpress.org should have a list of all 100% translated languages and list of all locale sites. Joomla has a page of its registered translation teams and their informations such as translation team’s official pages and where to download the localized packages.

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Hi Galician translation SVN repositories updated with the…


Galician translation: SVN repositories updated with the 3.1.1 version. Downloadable package compiled on gl.wordpress.org. Release announced on galician language.

WordPress 3.1.1 en galego

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Hello Anyone already working on WordPress translation to…


Anyone already working on WordPress translation to Assamese Language?

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