Have you seen the new WordPress mobile apps…

Have you seen the new WordPress mobile apps site yet?

You can also add your locales translations here:

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Hello In case you haven’t noticed WordPress org…

In case you haven’t noticed, WordPress.org profile redesign is up. People can now get badges for their contributions. Here is an example for polyglots https://profiles.wordpress.org/vanillalounge/.
@vanillalounge I assume that you have access to the list of people currently contributing in make/polyglots. Could you please send it to someone in meta (probably Ian Dunn), so that we can get those shiny new badges? 😀 Thanks

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I’m concerned about http core trac wordpress org…

I’m concerned about https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/17861#comment:16


Hi Having problem building id ID 3.4.2 Got…


Having problem building id_ID 3.4.2. Got “Tidak dapat menyalin /tmp/rosettapQRvrO/id_ID/dist/readme.html ke /tmp/rosetta7T4nu4/wordpress!” error (can’t copy /tmp/rosettapQRvrO/id_ID/dist/readme.html to /tmp/rosetta7T4nu4/wordpress!).

Don’t have this kind of problem with previous build before.
Please help.


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Hello Zé We have a little problem with…

Hello, Zé,

We have a little problem with the credits page, in the translators section.

The system reflects the profiles of the translators that had any approved translation in GlotPress. In our case, it only appears one translator. We omit, therefore, all the translators who make great contributions through the translation of .po files, leaving aside the GlotPress platform.

Another problem we have is that some translators do not want to be in the credits page.

Maybe in the future you could develope a privacy tool, eg. in the profile configuration of the WP.org account, allowing us to choose if we want to appear in the credits pages. Or, if it is not possible, a tool or a file on the svn to manually configure the translators that will appear on the credits page for each language.

Thanks in advance.

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Whenever I go to glotpress and wordpress org…

Whenever I go to glotpress and wordpress.org sites using ssl connection. I got this error –
Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.
Or it redirect to main site wordpress.org. What wrong with this ?

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I found some issues on wp org main…

I found some issues on wp.org. main site. I need to use ssl (https protocol) to access wp sites because our ISP blocked on normal connection with all wp related sites. When I use ssl (https protocol) for wp.org main sites including codex, forums, plugins and themes pages, I can see only white screen background and text only version with no styles. When I see source code, I found all style sheet links and javascript links are still using normal connection with http protocol. It not happens on our locale site or others locale site. It happens only on main sites.

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PSA For those of you who use SVN…

PSA: For those of you who use SVN, please update your Subversion clients to the new URLs, as the current ones will stop functioning in a while. You don’t need to change anything else, all content and permissions are kept in the change:

  • WordPress.org i18n: http://i18n.svn.wordpress.org
  • bbPress i18n: http://bbpress-i18n.svn.wordpress.org
  • BuddyPress i18n: http://i18n.svn.buddypress.org

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Hi Zé I think wordpress org should have…

Hi Zé,
I think wordpress.org should have a list of all 100% translated languages and list of all locale sites. Joomla has a page of its registered translation teams and their informations such as translation team’s official pages and where to download the localized packages.

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Hi all I’m the administrator of ca wordpress…

Hi all:

I’m the administrator of ca.wordpress.org since 2 years.
Before there was another person doing this task.

How can I change the email of ca.wordpress.org in order to receive the system mails of ca.wordpress.org?

My profile has the email correctly but the previous administrator still receives these mails and I not.

Tanks a lot.

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Hi all! I just noticed that on wordpress…

Hi all! I just noticed that on wordpress.org, when visiting from a Norwegian IP, you see this on the front page:

Screen shot from wordpress.org, visited from Norwegian IP address.

Don’t really know if this is the place for these things… but it should read “WordPress is also available in Norsk (bokmål) and Norsk (nynorsk).”

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Hello, I already 100% completed Chinese(…

Hello, I already 100% completed Chinese(China) translation for WordPress 3.0.x, 3.1,BuddyPress DEV and 13 Importers. And imported them to glotpress.
I want to be a validator at translate.wordpress.org, my native language is Chinese(China) aka Simplified Chinese.

I already maintained the BuddyPress Simplified Chinese Site. cn.buddypress.org

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