Hello there A question more for the GlotPress…

Hello there,

A question more for the GlotPress-inclined: I’m uploading my .po translations to translate.wp.org, but somehow, for the admin .po, some strings are still marked as “waiting” even though they are translated in the .po
Those strings were translated by users on t.w.o. Do I have to dismiss them first before I upload my translation?

Merci !

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How exactly does http translate wordpress org work…

How exactly does http://translate.wordpress.org work?

I notice that people have contributed a lot, and yet, the translation are not available.

e.g. At https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/bbpress/plugin there are plenty of items listed as “Waiting”. e.g. Polish, Romanian, French and Czech have 0% translation completed, but almost 100% strings in “waiting”.

Similarly, at https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/buddypress/dev Danish, Romanian, and Czech have almost 0% translation completed, but almost 100% strings in “waiting”.

This has been the status for many months (I am not exaggerating in the least). So how do we move strings from “waiting” to “translated”?

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