Dear admin I finished translating the entire bbPress…

Dear admin,

I finished translating the entire bbPress 2.5.x Vietnamese language pack in a .PO file. Now that I would like to upload, it seems as though the option to uploading is not available for me as a contributor. Can you either let me join the bbPress Validator team (temporarily) and / or let me know the assigned Vietnamese validator to whom I can send the .PO file to? Entering the translations one string at a time online (more than 1,000 strings) is not practical nor doable for me since I am on and off the Net very frequently due to my job. Since there is currently no bbPress Vietnamese translation, this .PO file is perfect to upload all at once.

Thank you so much!

P.S: I am thinking of translating other components such as BuddyPress or WordPress and many others in due time. Will I need to put out requests similar to this request every time when I need help in uploading the .PO to the appropriate component(s)?

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Hi there I have a few questions and…

Hi there. I have a few questions and issues that we’re trying to sort out over at and

  1. On sites like and there are welcome sections that I cannot figure out how to add into the Vietnamese site. There are only two users on the site right now, and we’re both Editors, and I’m not sure how page templates and/or front page content is set. Can you point me to some information on this?
  2. Do you have a list of validators for Vietnamese, or is there somewhere I can see it? The validators for the language at the moment should be me (philiparthurmoore), Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh (fitwp), and Buy Huy Thang (gsmeanspro). I thought I could control this from within the Dashboard under Users, but it doesn’t seem to be related.
  3. We’re planning on creating a P2 for Vietnamese translators to chat with each other. Is there anything in place on the .org side of things to facilitate this directly on the .org site for Vietnamese or should I instead just set up a P2 elsewhere? I’m fine with either solution.

Thanks in advance!

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The current state of vi wordpress org isn’t…

The current state of isn’t that great, and there’s a team of translators here in Vietnam who are eager and willing to both work on translating WordPress but also maintain I reached out a while back to the maintainers of the website and never heard anything, and now the landing page for WordPress in Vietnam is a wasteland. How can we fix this?

Is there anyone who can provide information on: 1) the current validators of Vietnamese (I used to be one but it seems that status was taken away); 2) the current maintenance team for; and 3) the process by which we can take over maintaining both of these?

Tuấn Anh also asked about this a week or two back without a response.

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Hi everyone I’m forming a translation team for…

Hi everyone, I’m forming a translation team for Vietnamese language. I see the old translation team here, but couldn’t contact to the translator (email doesn’t work).

I also want to update, the information is out of date!

Can you please help me to do that? Thanks a lot.


I downloaded wordpress 3.4.1 vi zip directly from…

I downloaded directly from and it produced an error once decompressed. It was looking for wp-includes/classes.php, which doesn’t exist. Minutes later, I downloaded the English version and installed it without error. I then created a blank wp-config.php file. It returned a similar error, but this time it it stated there was an undefined call to function wp() in wp-blog-header.php. I thought maybe there were permission issues but I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, the Vietnamese version of WordPress 3.4.1. is buggy and does not install like the original English version. Can someone look into this?

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