Dear petya nao mrahmadawais I…

Dear @petya

I was the editor on the Urdu Rosetta site & i was eligible to make edits the content of the website but since few days i have noticed that neither i can write any post nor i can edit on Rosetta site.
Please solve this problem as soon as possible, so that i may write the new posts & edit the content of the Urdu Rosetta site.

cc: @nao @mrahmadawais

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Urdu Team site (O2) & Forums

Dear all, Please also start a team site & forums for Urdu Language.

cc to: @mrahmadawais @farhandanish @amreendanish @sajidzaman #Ur

Thanks & Regards

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Designate new local manager to…

Designate new local manager to edit Urdu Rosetta Site

Our Rosetta site was not updated. We would like to update it. To do that I’d like to suggest Urdu PTE Mr. @farhandanish1 be provided access by designating as a local manager being an active contributor in our language. He has carried most of the translation in latest version of WordPress. He has also prepared Glossary for Urdu due to which the translation work has become easier. This is also necessary existing local manager are not active and process is in hindrance and there are no local manager to help them update the Rosetta Site.

Thanks & Regards

CC: @petya, @nao

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Need Help with WP Urdu in GWPTD

I am Ahmad Awais – Regular WP Core contributor since WP 4.2. I contribute 30% of my productive time every year to help WP community and to give back what I can. This time I am arranging a WP meetup with 50 people to participate and contribute to the global WP translation day. I tried reaching out to the present GTEs of Urdu but was unable to get a response. I tried by contacting them on Slack and by sending emails via the official contact form. Since the meetup is only hours away, I’d like to offer myself as GTE to help validate the contributions and all.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

CC: @petya

P.S. the meetup link

Hello I have been regularly contributing in Urdu…

Hello! I have been regularly contributing in Urdu translation. I have more then 500 translations. and 493 are waiting for approval, I want to be editor for Urdu and wish to complete Urdu translation ASAP

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Hi @sajidzaman @techwhiz I want to join Urdu…


@sajidzaman @techwhiz

I want to join Urdu Translation for WP:
Can you please add me to the team, i have already started to convert strings


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Hi @sajidzaman @techwhiz I would like to join…


@sajidzaman @techwhiz

I would like to join Urdu Translation for WP:
Can you please add me to the team or tell me whats the proper way to join as a translate contributor? I want to contribute to urdu translation, please tell me if you are working on it and can add me as a translator for Urdu?


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I need admin access for Urdu translation the…

I need admin access for Urdu translation, the team dont answer me at all i have contributed to the translations and want to speed up the process more by being admin and bringing more editors to complete this project.

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Hello I am new to Glotpress and have…

Hello, I am new to Glotpress and have contributed a few translations in Persian, Urdu, Mongolian and Kirgiz. I am wondering what the validators in Persian, Mongolian and Kirgiz are up to, because there doesn’t seem to have been any validating activity in the last three to four weeks. Urdu seems to be validating.
Can anyone shed some light on that? Thanks.

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Hello I have started translating WordPress into Urdu…

I have started translating WordPress into Urdu. Can anyone of you tell me how my translations will get approved? I’ve been doing this for last couple of days but none has been approved yet.


Please create ‘ur’ locale under 3.0.x….

Please create ‘ur’ locale under 3.0.x. Thanks. There are a bunch of translations lying around and some nice ‘ur’ localised sites. Hope to bring them together

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