Hello Zé I added the team leader Mr…

Hello Zé,
I added the team leader Mr. Alim as Editor to ug.wordpress.org successfully. Thank you for you advice.
Now I request an SVN commit permission for him. WordPress.org username is: Alim Ahat.

#request, #ug_cn

Hello Zé I know that every one is…

Hello Zé,
I know that every one is busy on 3.5, so we are. Now I would like to request an Editor permission on ug.wordpress.org and a SVN commit right for our new team leader: Alim Ahat (is his wordpress.org username). Thanks.

#request, #ug_cn, #validator

Hello I’m the former maintainer of WordPress Uighur…

Hello, I’m the former maintainer of WordPress Uighur Forum. I haven’t look after it for a long time, and today I found that this forum filled out by spam posts. I can’t delete these posts so please delete all posts in https://ug.forums.wordpress.org/. It would be very nice to change it as a plugin, I think.
Thank you.

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RTL locales In 3.4 you will no longer…

RTL locales: In 3.4, you will no longer need to specify $text_direction = 'rtl'; in your $locale.php file. Please remove it from $locale.php, and if this makes your $locale.php empty, then remove the file. (Please branch /trunk/ off into /3.3/ first, in case there is a 3.3.2.)

The following locales have been included: ar, ckb, fa_IR, he_IL, ug_CN, dv, fa_AF, ha, ps, uz_UZ, yi. If you are missing (or are incorrectly included), let me know.

#3-4, #ar, #ckb, #core, #fa_af, #fa_ir, #he_il, #rtl, #ug_cn, #uz_uz