Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

Hello Polyglots!

I am the plugin author for Timeline Express (https://wordpress.org/plugins/timeline-express/). We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). A few of our users have gone through the plugin, and made the necessary translations – and have been back in contact with me about getting them approved so they can begin to use them.

Please add the following WordPress.org users as translation editors for their respective locales:

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!

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4.2 Video script Translations deadline

Dear Polyglots,

Just a short note to let you know that the deadline for translating the 4.2 release video script is Sunday, April 19th, 23:00 UTC.

If anyone want to add translations for their language that haven’t been added yet, please check out the original request and post a comment there with your gmail address or ping me on Slack.

Thank you all for your work and enthusiasm. You rock.


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Translation help needed for the WordPress 4.2 Release video

Hello, dear polyglots,

We need some help to make the WordPress 4.2 Release video as global as possible.

Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer some time and translate the video script in your language. It consists of roughly 480 words and takes about 30 minutes to translate (just did it for bg_BG).

The script is not available on GlotPress, so if you want to help, we will share a Google Doc with you to add the translations there.

So far we have contributors for the following languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Romanian
  • Greek
  • Thai
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Serbian

If you want to add your language to that list, please leave your gmail address in the comments or DM it to me on Slack (petya).

Thank you in advance!


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Hi all there I’m the catalan validator of…

Hi all there:

I’m the catalan validator of WordPress.

The catalan language doesn’t appear into the languages selector in backend settings.

Does anyone know why?

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Hi everyone I was wondering how i can…

Hi everyone. I was wondering how i can become about wordpress language validator!??

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I began to translate bbPress into Croatian language…

I began to translate bbPress into Croatian language. Also, there’s a translation before. But nothing has been validated. Nothing happens.

I would like to be one of the validator. Thanks in advance.

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Some terms have been translated but still appear…

Some terms have been translated but still appear in English in Control Panel.


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Permalink to these translations:



Am I missing something or is there another problem?

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