WordPress 4.6 soft string freeze – time to translate (almost) all the things!

Dear polyglots,

As of a few minutes ago, we’re in soft string freeze, which means all the strings for the upcoming WordPress 4.6 release with the exception of the strings from the About page, are frozen and won’t be changed.

The release is scheduled for August 16th, so we recommend that you use the time between now and the hard string freeze (expected on August 5th), to translate and test translation for everything that is included in the 4.6. development project.

Reminding everyone that for a locale to take advantage of the automatic release process all these projects – WordPress, WordPress Administration , WordPress Network administration and Continents & Cities need to be 100% translated.

Don’t miss Continents & cities, it’s not been updated with new strings in a while but now has several new ones!

This is a notification for General translation editors of all locales translated at more than 50% as you still have a chance to bring your locales closer to 100 before August 16th.

You will receive an additional notification once we are in hard freeze. Until then, thank you in advance for your work!

Let’s get 4.6 released with the largest number of 100% translated locales to date 😉

We have 11 locales already at 100% (well done!)

33 locales have more than 95%:

23 locales at more than 90% translated

29 locales translated more than 50%

Happy translating!


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WordPress 4.4 string freeze and release date – bring your locales to 100%

Dear polyglots,

WordPress 4.4 RC1 and the soft string freeze for WordPress 4.4 were announced last night. WordPress 4.4 will become available for download on December 8th and it would be amazing if we have 60+ locales fully translated by that date and ready to go with the official release.

Soft string freeze indicates that all the strings for the 4.4 release with the exception of the strings for the About page, are already in place and won’t be changed. It means it’s time to go ahead and prepare our locales for December 8th.

This is a global notification for all General Translation Editors. 

Hard freeze (the about page strings), which will be 100% of all strings for the 4.4 release, should be available for translation next Wednesday (December 2nd). That will give us about 6 days to finalize translations before this release reaches users.

Thank you in advance for your work and for bringing WordPress to so many people around the world.

Locales translated 95% + (13)

Locale WP Locale Version GlotPress
Armenian Հայերեն hy 4.3.1 97% hy Team
Dutch Nederlands nl_NL 4.3.1 95% nl Team
English (UK) English (UK) en_GB 4.3.1 99% en-gb Team
Esperanto Esperanto eo 4.3.1 99% eo Team
Greek Ελληνικά el 4.3.1 97% el Team
Hebrew עִבְרִית he_IL 4.3.1 99% he Team
Hindi हिन्दी hi_IN 4.3.1 99% hi Team
Hungarian Magyar hu_HU 4.3.1 99% hu Team
Italian Italiano it_IT 4.3.1 99% it Team
Romanian Română ro_RO 4.3.1 99% ro Team
Spanish (Chile) Español de Chile es_CL 4.3.1 99% es-cl Team
Turkish Türkçe tr_TR 4.3.1 99% tr Team
Welsh Cymraeg cy 4.3.1 99% cy Team

Locales translated 90% + (21)

Locale WP Locale Version GlotPress
Azerbaijani Azərbaycan dili az 4.3.1 92% az Team
Bulgarian Български bg_BG 4.3.1 91% bg Team
Danish Dansk da_DK 4.3.1 93% da Team
English (New Zealand) English (New Zealand) en_NZ 4.3.1 94% en-nz Team
English (South Africa) English (South Africa) en_ZA 4.3.1 90% en-za Team
Finnish Suomi fi 4.3.1 93% fi Team
Hazaragi هزاره گی haz 4.1.2 90% haz Team
Icelandic Íslenska is_IS 4.3.1 91% is Team
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia id_ID 4.3.1 92% id Team
Korean 한국어 ko_KR 4.3.1 90% ko Team
Moroccan Arabic العربية المغربية ary 4.3.1 92% ary Team
Norwegian (Bokmål) Norsk bokmål nb_NO 4.3.1 93% nb Team
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norsk nynorsk nn_NO 4.3.1 92% nn Team
Polish Polski pl_PL 4.3.1 91% pl Team
Portuguese (Brazil) Português do Brasil pt_BR 4.3.1 90% pt-br Team
Portuguese (Portugal) Português pt_PT 4.3.1 93% pt Team
Russian Русский ru_RU 4.3.1 90% ru Team
Slovak Slovenčina sk_SK 4.3.1 92% sk Team
South Azerbaijani گؤنئی آذربایجان azb None 90% azb Team
Spanish (Mexico) Español de México es_MX 4.3.1 91% es-mx Team
Spanish (Spain) Español es_ES 4.3.1 92% es Team

Locales with 50% + (42), locales with less than 50% (58)

Arabic العربية ar 4.3.1 89% ar Team
Basque Euskara eu 4.3.1 89% eu Team
Bengali বাংলা bn_BD 4.3.1 89% bn Team
Bosnian Bosanski bs_BA 4.3.1 89% bs Team
Catalan Català ca 4.3.1 89% ca Team
Chinese (China) 简体中文 zh_CN 4.3.1 89% zh-cn Team
Chinese (Taiwan) 繁體中文 zh_TW 4.3.1 89% zh-tw Team
Czech Čeština‎ cs_CZ 4.3.1 81% cs Team
Estonian Eesti et 4.3.1 89% et Team
French (Belgium) Français de Belgique fr_BE 4.3.1 89% fr-be Team
French (Canada) Français du Canada fr_CA None 84% fr-ca Team
Galician Galego gl_ES 4.3.1 89% gl Team
Georgian ქართული ka_GE 3.3 88% ka Team
German (Switzerland) Deutsch (Schweiz) de_CH 4.3.1 89% de-ch Team
Irish Gaelige ga None 58% ga Team
Kabyle Taqbaylit kab None 76% kab Team
Khmer ភាសាខ្មែរ km None 73% km Team
Kurdish (Sorani) كوردی‎ ckb 4.3.1 71% ckb Team
Lao ພາສາລາວ lo None 76% lo Team
Latvian Latviešu valoda lv 4.3.1 60% lv Team
Lithuanian Lietuvių kalba lt_LT 4.3.1 89% lt Team
Macedonian Македонски јазик mk_MK 4.1.1 84% mk Team
Malay Bahasa Melayu ms_MY 2.9.2 69% ms Team
Mongolian Монгол mn None 55% mn Team
Montenegrin Crnogorski jezik me_ME None 62% me Team
Myanmar (Burmese) ဗမာစာ my_MM 4.1 82% mya Team
Occitan Occitan oci 4.2.4 89% oci Team
Pashto پښتو ps 4.1.2 86% ps Team
Persian فارسی fa_IR 4.3.1 89% fa Team
Rohingya Ruáinga rhg None 51% rhg Team
Scottish Gaelic Gàidhlig gd 4.3.1 89% gd Team
Serbian Српски језик sr_RS 4.3.1 89% sr Team
Sinhala සිංහල si_LK 2.8.5 77% si Team
Slovenian Slovenščina sl_SI 4.3.1 89% sl Team
Spanish (Peru) Español de Perú es_PE 4.3.1 89% es-pe Team
Spanish (Venezuela) Español de Venezuela es_VE 4.3.1 89% es-ve Team
Swiss German Schwyzerdütsch gsw 3.7 66% gsw Team
Tagalog Tagalog tl 4.3.1 89% tl Team
Tamil (Sri Lanka) தமிழ் ta_LK 3.9 71% ta-lk Team
Uighur Uyƣurqə ug_CN 4.1.2 86% ug Team
Uzbek O‘zbekcha uz_UZ 4.1.1 63% uz Team
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt vi 4.3.1 89% vi Team

The #Polyglots channel on Slack will have people to help you out in case you have dificulties or enounter bugs.

Thank you again for your work and time!

Kind regards,


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“Hard” string freeze is now in effect for…

“Hard” string freeze is now in effect for 4.3.

The About page strings are now available for translation, and we expect to tag RC3 later today or tomorrow.

“Hard” freeze means that all core and About page strings are available for translation, and all other string changes have been frozen beyond this point.

#4-3, #core, #string-freeze

Hard string freeze is now in effect…

“Hard” string freeze is now in effect for 4.2.

The About page strings are now available for translation, and we expect to tag RC1 later today.

“Hard” freeze means that all core and About page strings are available for translation, and all other string changes have been frozen beyond this point.

According to the 4.2 release schedule, we’re right on track.

#core, #string-freeze

4.2: “soft” string freeze

“Soft” string freeze

This morning we released 4.2 Beta 4, and as promised, we’ve also reached soft string freeze.

“Soft” string freeze constitutes a freeze on all new strings, excluding the About page. You can expect a “hard” freeze once we tag RC1 in a week or so, and that will include the About page strings.

It’s likely you’ll be seeing some changes to existing strings trickling in over the next few days as @nacin goes through and audits changes from the release. We’ll do our best to keep that to a minimum.

According to the 4.2 release schedule, we’re right on track for an April 22nd release.

#core, #string-freeze

WordPress 4.0 RC is out

WordPress 4.0 RC is out.

In a few hours I’ll be building new language packs for RC1 for any locale at 100% for the wp/dev project and all sub-projects (this includes the network admin). Each day as translations are completed, packs will be created or updated. We’ll work out some kinks over the next few days and hopefully have everything in order come September. Expect to hear more from me in the coming days and weeks as we begin a new journey. 🙂

@helen is targeting September 3 for release. The about page is done, help tabs are updated, and strings are frozen. You have one week to get everything in order, so good luck and happy translating!

#4-0, #core, #string-freeze

Sorry for the late pile of strings from…

Sorry for the late pile of strings from the About page. We’re frozen. Expect a release in about 68-72 hours, on Thursday, December 12. Please file a ticket for any typos or issues.

#3-8, #string-freeze

Guessing there will be no string freeze at…

Guessing there will be no string freeze at all this time around?


We added four final strings to WordPress 3.7…

We added four final strings to WordPress 3.7. All of them are used to communicate update failures to users. So while they should never be used, when they are needed, it’s super important for them to be accurate.

Thanks for your understanding! At this point, we’re done with 3.7. Expect a release in the next 18-36 hours.

#3-7, #string-change, #string-freeze

Hello everyone Following up on my 3.7 strings…

Hello everyone! Following up on my 3.7 strings post — we are now in a 100% string freeze for WordPress 3.7. I’ve just pushed the final 55 strings for the release. The bulk of these are for A) the about page and B) email notifications for background updates.

I don’t expect for there to be any more string changes. Of course, if you catch a typo, let us know.

We’ll be releasing 3.7 RC1 in a few hours, and if all goes to plan, we’ll be releasing WordPress 3.7 before the middle of next week.

#3-7, #core, #string-freeze

Should we change one more string in 3.6…

Should we change one more string in 3.6?

https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/24860 changed “Compare two revisions” to “Compare any two revisions”. However, the help text was not updated: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/24804/24804.19.diff. Can I get a quick consensus on whether it’s okay to have one final string to translate when you go to package 3.6?

#3-6, #string-freeze

WordPress 3.6 is 100% string frozen There are…

WordPress 3.6 is 100% string frozen.

There are now 11 final strings waiting to be translated on https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/3.6.x/admin. There will be no more string changes for 3.6. Thanks all of you for your patience, especially with the about page. You guys are awesome and we’ll be better with the next release.

We are currently targeting WordPress 3.6 final for tomorrow, July 31, no later than 1600 or 1700 GMT, give or take.

Some of you have noted that the credits page does not reflect all translators, only validators. It will by tomorrow.

#3-6, #string-freeze

String freeze By now you have probably noticed…

String freeze. By now you have probably noticed that WordPress 3.6 RC1 was released a little more than a week ago. This usually corresponds to a string freeze, though there’s been a bit of a drip-drip of some more strings that needed to be translated.

At this point, please consider strings formally frozen. If there are any necessary changes, @markjaquith and I will beg for forgiveness.

Well, we’ll actually start begging for forgiveness in advance. The about page has not been updated for 3.6, and we will be pushing all of those strings in the next 24-36 hours. Once pushed, there will be no changes to them (previously, we’ve tinkered with them a bit); it too will be frozen. The about page is a good amount of strings, but since so many of you are so far along in translating WordPress 3.6 (many of you only have two dozen short strings to go), we’re really confident in your abilities — and, of course, appreciate your hard work in making WordPress available in your language.

Timeline: At this time, I would expect WordPress 3.6 to be released early next week.

#3-6, #core, #string-freeze

Howdy polyglots BuddyPress 1.7 is now in Release…

Howdy polyglots,

BuddyPress 1.7 is now in Release Candidate 1 (read our announcement) and we are now in string freeze for the translations. 🙂

#buddypress, #string-freeze

We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow…

We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow (target is 16:00 UTC). In the meantime, we’ve made two more string changes in the interest of clarifying some of the gallery settings. Both suggestions came from translators (and others) —

  • “Random” (with the context “gallery order”) is now “Random Order”
  • “Describe this image…” is now “Caption this image…”

Note there are also “Describe this audio/video/file…” strings, but they can only be triggers by plugins for WordPress 3.5, so I didn’t want to needlessly give you three more strings to translate.

That’s it, by the way. We’ve continued to make a few tweaks but at this point, if it hasn’t been proposed or reported, we’re done.

You guys rock, talk to you tomorrow!

#3-5, #core, #string-freeze