If I didn’t make a mistake today and…

If I didn’t make a mistake today and needed to do svn update, I probably wouldn’t notice (until after I make a release) that @vanillalounge made fatal mistakes related to Serbian dist files.

In [20648] and [20903] he obviously wanted to add support for some features we have over at Serbian locale to Montenegrin one, but he made changes to Serbian files that could have affected us.

I reverted those changes for Serbian but wanted to note that Montenegrin is still missing me_ME.php since it wasn’t copied as wp-config-sample.php was in [20649].

When you want to fork, you need to make a copy first, and then make changes to that copy, not to original.

Be careful in the future, @vanillalounge. 😉

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Urgent for sr RS and ja @tenpura has…

Urgent for sr_RS and ja. @tenpura, has the WP Multibyte Patch been updated since 3.2.0? It appears so from the SVN log.

Due to some changes in 3.2, core will not update the bundled plugin after it is initially installed. We can fix this in 3.3. I need to know ASAP if 3.2.1 will need an exception to allow this plugin to be updated.

@miladin You’re the only other locale with a plugin in /dist/. Looks like you’re in the clear for now, yes?

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Please add me dimadin as a validator for…

Please add me, dimadin, as a validator for BuddyPress and bbPress projects for Serbian.

Thanks in advance.

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@miladin some people from Montenegro want to start…

@miladin, some people from Montenegro want to start their own translation of WordPress. As far as I understand it, it is very close to Serbian, but with latin characters (instead of cyrillic). Are you aware of a Serbian (latin) translation they could use to get started?


Please deploy translations of bbPress tr…

Please deploy translations of bbPress trunk, Support Forum plugin, and wporg theme, and enable Gravatars on Serbian forum.

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