Dear petya nao mrahmadawais I…

Dear @petya

I was the editor on the Urdu Rosetta site & i was eligible to make edits the content of the website but since few days i have noticed that neither i can write any post nor i can edit on Rosetta site.
Please solve this problem as soon as possible, so that i may write the new posts & edit the content of the Urdu Rosetta site.

cc: @nao @mrahmadawais

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Hi, there’s string that won’t…

Hi, there’s a string that won’t be translated in ko_KR and displayed in English.

Singular: There is %d error which must be fixed before you can save.
Plural: There are %d errors which must be fixed before you can save.
==>%d개의 오류가 있으며 수정해야 저장할 수 있습니다.


Designate new local manager to…

Designate new local manager to edit Urdu Rosetta Site

Our Rosetta site was not updated. We would like to update it. To do that I’d like to suggest Urdu PTE Mr. @farhandanish1 be provided access by designating as a local manager being an active contributor in our language. He has carried most of the translation in latest version of WordPress. He has also prepared Glossary for Urdu due to which the translation work has become easier. This is also necessary existing local manager are not active and process is in hindrance and there are no local manager to help them update the Rosetta Site.

Thanks & Regards

CC: @petya, @nao

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Hello I am the plugin author for WP…


I am the plugin author for WP-GeoMeta ( and for WP Spatial Capabilities Check ( I’d like to be able to approve Portuguese translations for both of these plugins. Please add me for the following locale:

Michael Moore / stuporglue

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Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

Hello Polyglots!

I am the plugin author for WP Domains ( Please add the following users as translation editors for their respective locales:

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!

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Hello again Polyglots I am the plugin author…

Hello (again) Polyglots!

I am the plugin author for EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud and EWWW Image Optimizer I have a few users to add as a PTE.

For EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

For EWWW Image Optimizer

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South Azerbaijani

I want to translate south azerbaijani wikipedia and i have my team now ready for translating it in less than one week,but some one requested for south azerbaijani some month ago and i think he doesn’t work on it now.there is wrong info like language native name in he’s request,you can check wikipedia for native name in first page,I am from south azerbaijani wikipedia writers,and i love to make available wordpress in south azerbaijani too .how can i speak with current validator? i checked blog but that was disappointing no contact mail and no other thing.what can i do?

    Locale: azb
    Country code: IR
    Plural forms: 2
    Language native name: تۆرکجه
    Sub-domain: azb
    Site Title: تۆرکجه
    Site Description: تۆرکجه‌ ووْردپیٛرئس
    Admin Username(s): sadiqr
    Admin Email address:


I already translated more than 400 items for…

I already translated more than 400 items for marathi language. I think nobody is there to do further action from wordpress as a moderator. shall i become moderator.


I am not sure if my previous request…

I am not sure if my previous request went through..

Requesting a new locale to be included for WordPress. Please create one repository for Oriya(Odia) language. username of administrator: subharanjan
Language code: or
Language name, both the English and the native name: Oriya, ଓଡିଆ
(if applicable)Country code: IN
(if applicable)Country name, both the English and the native name: India, ଭାରତ

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Hi Zé two requests if I haven’t become…

Hi Zé, two requests, if I haven’t become a problem for you :).
So, the firs is about BuddyPress – can you please ad Georgian translation, if it’s not too difficult?
Also, can you please have a look at a
Thank you!

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I am getting a bit concerned about how…

I am getting a bit concerned about how requests/questions are (not) followed up here. In comparison to the mailing list, it’s getting worse when using a blog. You would expect people to whom it concerns to subscribe/getting e-mail notifications to follow up on requests/questions, which seems not to be the case. Only the first couple of posts are getting the attention needed.

Browse a few pages back and you’ll find a bunch of unanswered questions/requests. Maybe it’s getting too cluttered to use a blog like this for polyglots?

As more people are getting involved and active on polyglots, more cons shows using P2.

bbPress next?

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