New PTE Interface Suggestion

Hello all,

Myself, @tobifjellner and @chantalc have been discussing on Slack the potential for a new interface for plugins and themes where authors can apply to become a PTE in a much more streamlined manner.

There have been a few ideas discussed in the #polglots channel which have formed a good basis for what might be worth implementing. Of course, it’s still an idea right now but it’d be good to see what people think and perhaps look into implementing something to make requests easier to handle and not forgotten about.

At the moment:

  • GTEs do not regularly check Make/Polyglots for a number of reasons, probably because they’re not sure where the requests are or if there are any at all.
  • Creating a post on the Make site requires a lot of manual work to post and also for GTEs to actually read and take action on the request.
  • Older requests get lost on lots of pages.
  • There’s no indication of progress. If someone has been denied or even if a request is accepted, until all locales in a request are ticked off, the request is considered unfulfilled.

Proposal (bearing in mind this is just some ideas discussed, nothing set in stone by any means and open to discussion):

  • A new interface to request PTE status from project page.
  • Comments based on the reason to accept/reject a request.
  • Removes the need to search for an open request.
  • Organise requests and make sure people who should see the requests do, and take action when they can.

Please discuss!