@nacin Is it possible to embed language specific…

@nacin Is it possible to embed language specific fonts in core or in language pack?
Most of the major OS included Myanmar(Burmese) script fonts now.(e.g Windows 8 and later version, OSX Lion and later, many Linux OS) But implementation is different between vendors and not reliable. No mobile OS support Myanmar script. I wish google web fonts for Burmese included in WordPress package. Currently google has early access fonts for Myanmar script. Here is the link http://www.google.com/fonts/earlyaccess
And another thing is adding functionality for proper word breaking. https://github.com/andjc/jquery.mymr/ is a jquery library to use for Burmese Scripts wordbreaking, list markers etc. It is developed by one of Mozilla developers. Will it be possible to include in my_MM language pack?

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Twenty twelve without language files Is it possible…

Twenty twelve without language files?

Is it possible that the wp 3.5 is built without the localized files?

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Got reports of wp mail php errors being…

Got reports of wp-mail.php errors being displayed in English instead of installed language. Can’t see any errors in the sv_SE package, might it be a server specific problem or a global bug?

sv_SE uses SVN (not gp + /dist) when building packages.

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