Hi, I’m the plugin author…

Hi, I’m the plugin author for Events Manager. Could you please add @pusur333 as a translation editor for #nb_NO ?



Help us validate 5 WooCommerce extensions in 24 locales

Thanks to GoDaddy’s initiative to support localization of WordPress plugins & themes, we at Automattic received translations of 5 plugins in 24 locales.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Storefront Product Pagination
  3. Storefront Product Sharing
  4. Storefront Sticky Add to Cart
  5. WooCommerce Gateway Stripe

Validation process (2 options)

There are two ways you can use the translation files we have.

1. Review the translation using the PO files, then import them (you will receive credits).


2. Review Waiting strings on translate.wordpress.org. I will import everything in one week (in case GTEs prefer the method 1) as Waiting status.

  • Please feel free to leave a comment if you want the import to happen sooner for your locale.
  • If you don’t have time to validate, the translations will just stay as “Waiting”. There is no time limit to review them.


Note to validators

  • There may not be all 5 translation files for your locale. That’s because some of the plugins are 100% completed already.
  • Preparing these files involved a bit of manual work on my side, so if you see any technical flaws it’s probably my fault. Please don’t hesitate to point them out, and I’d be glad to fix/investigate the cause.
  • Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello I just noticed that the localized…

Hello! I just noticed that the “localized version screenshot” has disappeared from http://nb.wordpress.org… And when I tried uploading a new screenshot, I got an error, saying that the upload folder could not be created… (is the folder writeable to the server?).. Could you please help? Thanks

#nb_no, #request

Hi Could I be added as an validator…

Hi! Could I be added as an validator to the Norwegian bokmål (nb_NO) part of translate.wordpress.org (both WordPress and bbPress (at least)) and an editor at nb.wordpress.org. Seems that there should be more than Peter Holme on those projects. If not, could someone review and commit the changes on bbPress (nb_NO) and correct the address to the Norwegian WordPress support forum on the front page of nb.wordpress.org. The link should be http://norskwp.no.


#bbpress, #nb_no, #request

Is there any of the ones in charge…

Is there any of the ones in charge of the nb_NO (Norwegian) translation of bbPress that can commit the 191 translations waiting?

#bbpress, #nb_no

Hi Could we please set up a forum…

Hi! Could we please set up a forum for nb.wordpress.org? Looking into possibility of migrating from “norskwp.no/forum” — which is using bbPress. Would it be possible to import posts from there?

#forums, #nb_no, #request

I see that continents cities po has been…

I see that continents-cities.po has been added to glotpress! Could you add me as validator for nb_NO? @peterhol

#continents-cities, #nb_no, #request

Hi I’d like to start contributing a Norwegian…

Hi; I’d like to start contributing a Norwegian (bokmål) translation for bbPress 2 (i.e. the plugin), but the language is not available in GlotPress (https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/bbpress/plugin). Is this the right place to ask for it to be added? 🙂

#bbpress, #glotpress, #nb_no, #request

nb NO any idea what happened http wordpress…

nb_NO, any idea what happened? https://wordpress.org/support/topic/norwegian-nb_no-is-missing-in-wordpress-313?replies=1


How do I find all strings containing the…

How do I find all strings containing the term “plugin”? When I filter on this term, I get hundreds of strings not containig the term.

#glotpress, #nb_no

I’ll take the Norwegian translation nb NO peterhol…

I’ll take the Norwegian translation.. (nb_NO) – peterhol is my wp.com username 🙂

#jetpack, #nb_no, #request

Hi! Can someone create a nb_NO (Norwegian bokmål)…

Hi! Can someone create a nb_NO (Norwegian bokmål) locale for BuddyPress at GlotPress? And add me as validator? thanks 🙂

#buddypress, #nb_no, #request

Hi all! I just noticed that on wordpress…

Hi all! I just noticed that on wordpress.org, when visiting from a Norwegian IP, you see this on the front page:

Screen shot from wordpress.org, visited from Norwegian IP address.

Don’t really know if this is the place for these things… but it should read “WordPress is also available in Norsk (bokmål) and Norsk (nynorsk).”

#nb_no, #request, #wordpress-org