hi Please add me Mongolian Translator team admin…

Please add me Mongolian Translator team admin

Translation Teams

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Hello Guys I’m Mongolian WordPress user I am…

Hello Guys!

I’m Mongolian WordPress user (I am working in Themeforest since 2013 which is good and we turned to Elite) as we expected our Mongolian Language development is so low and We have also WordPress Development Group on Facebook. However there has Lot’s of Translations need to Validate, But i can’t contact the Main Validate man and i really need improve our Language section, which is now really weird 43%.

So i need Validator on language section. How to be the validator?


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Hello It seems that Persian fa IR does…

It seems that Persian fa_IR, does not have a validator or one that isn’t available very often. Could you please add me as a validator for that language? Alos for Mongolian mn_MN, please.

I’d also like to add a Tajik translation tg_TJ, which is a form of Persian spoken mainly in Tajikistan.
Locale: tg_TJ
URL: https://tg.wordpress.org/
Site Title: WordPress in Tajiki
Site Description: “Вордпресси тоҷикӣ”
Admin Usernames: parvanehfarhadi

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Hello I am new to Glotpress and have…

Hello, I am new to Glotpress and have contributed a few translations in Persian, Urdu, Mongolian and Kirgiz. I am wondering what the validators in Persian, Mongolian and Kirgiz are up to, because there doesn’t seem to have been any validating activity in the last three to four weeks. Urdu seems to be validating.
Can anyone shed some light on that? Thanks.

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