Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

Hello Polyglots!

I am the plugin author for Timeline Express (https://wordpress.org/plugins/timeline-express/). We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). A few of our users have gone through the plugin, and made the necessary translations – and have been back in contact with me about getting them approved so they can begin to use them.

Please add the following WordPress.org users as translation editors for their respective locales:

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!

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Slimstat and localizations

Greetings, folks. Our plugin, WP Slimstat, has just bee added to glotpress. Even though we already ship localization files with our plugin, we are sort of new to the world of GlotPress and online/web translations. A few questions:

  • how do I become a validator for languages that I know?
  • how does the approval process work for those strings submitted through the website translate.wordpress.org?
  • should we stop updating .po files when our users send us updates via email?
  • what if people submit strings via the website? how do we update the .po files shipped with the plugin to keep them up-to-date?

Thank you in advance!

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request to open a new localization Locale fur…

request to open a new localization:

Locale: fur_FUR
Country code: fur
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Friulian
Sub-domain: fur.wordpress.org
Site Title: Friulian
Site Description: WordPress par furlan
Admin Username(s): Ensoul
Admin Email address: helloensoul@gmail.com

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Shouldn’t these have proper plural formatting https translate…

Shouldn’t these have proper plural formatting?

All the others in that section have plural formatting and there are locales (like ours) where ONE covers no only 1 but also 11 etc.

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May i propose to do an IRC meeting…

May i propose to do an IRC meeting at wordpress-polyglots, like devs do.
Main objective to improve localization for WordPress

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Hi I will translate wp to my language…

I will translate wp to my language (Kurdish badini in Arabic dialog “رێز و سلاڤ گه‌لي هه‌ڤالان”) where can i copyrighting translate ?! please guide me.

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Hm maybe I’ve tagged it wrong I’ve finished…

Hm maybe I’ve tagged it wrong. I’ve finished (and uploaded) the translations for Android and Windows Phone into Scottish Gaelic (gd). Can someone tell me what the next step is to get it to release? Thanks.

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I just finished the po file for “WordPress…

I just finished the .po file for “WordPress for Android” in Gaelic. Is there something I need to do to bring this to release or is the process automatic?
Incidentally, has there been any news on some feature that allows users to set the UI language on their mobile system? There are still loads of languages that WordPress supports which mobile OS don’t support :/

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It’s that time again trying to move from…

It’s that time again 😉 trying to move from 3.4 to a release of 3.5 and I’m lost – I’ve done all the translation work but I need someone to walk me through the release, rather than me breaking something – IRC is probably best.

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bbPress V 2.1.3 is now available FULLY in Arabic. How can we share it?

Hi, As part of one of our projects at Tasweek Online Ltd, we have fully Arabized the bbPress Plugin V2.1.3. We have it completely in Arabic Language and we would like to share it with the community but I am not sure how?? Please advise. Thanks,
Yousef Matios

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I want to request es MX for a…

I want to request es_MX for a mexican localization

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Not entirely sure if I need to ask…

Not entirely sure if I need to ask this here or an .com so don’t shoot me 😉
If I want to enable/localize (I assume there’s a few extra strings) the WP apps for mobile phones, which projects do I need to have added and where? Does the .com/.org split apply to mobile WP apps too? Cheers.

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Greetings I am back to L10N RU team…

I am back to L10N-RU team.
Please, add me as validator to all russian translate.wordpress.com / translate.wordpress.org projects

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The first screen when installig WordPress aren’t reached…

The first screen when installig WordPress aren’t reached by translation: http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/7360/24179209.png

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Hi could someone tell me of plural formatting…

Hi, could someone tell me of plural formatting is supported on .org? Gaelic (gd) has 4 plural forms and we entered all the forms in the po files but I cannot find any incidences of plurals being handled correctly on the live site, it looks like English plural formatting is used.

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