locale-requests Hi, In a previous…



In a previous post, we have asked for the Kurdish(Kurmanji) locale and the website was created kmr.wordpress.org and I was an assigned locale manager there (and still) but the problem is that there is no translation team listed here https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/ and also no one can approve the translated strings @ https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/kmr
So please let’s know what is the current situation of Kurdish(Kurmanji) kmr locale and how can we get our translations approved.


Kurmanji Kurdish Translation Team

Hello! I want to work on the Kurmanji Kurdish (kmr) translation. There seems to be a locale for it but no active team or editors/validators afaict. I’d like to find out how to create a team and be an editor. Thanks! (btw I just posted a similar comment but it looks like it disappeared, though if it is still out there, sorry I’m not trying to spam.)


Cornish Language

Locale: cor
Country code: kw
Plural forms: nplurals=4; plural=(n==1) ? 0 : (n==2) ? 1 : (n == 3) ? 2 : 3;
Language native name: Kernewnek
Language English name: Cornish
Sub-domain: cor.wordpress.org
Site Title: Kernewek
Site Description: WordPress yn Kernewek
Admin Username(s): dydhlyver



I think [jiehanzheng] lived for…

I think [jiehanzheng] lived for a long time in a very linguistic area. When jie jiehanzheng was the zh-cn language area manager, I thought it was a bad idea.In addition, the Chinese regional manager has not handled new translation requests for a long time and has done nothing.


Hello, Polyglots. The WordPress community…

Hello, Polyglots. The WordPress community in Uruguay is growing and rapidly coming together (https://2018.montevideo.wordcamp.org/), so I’d like to request a new locale. Here’s the relevant information:

Locale: es_UY
Country code: UY
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Español de Uruguay
Sub-domain: es-uy.wordpress.org
Site Title: Español de Uruguay
Site Description: WordPress en español de Uruguay
Admin Username(s): idearius


PTE Request for Confirm theme structure

Hello Polyglots, I am the plugin author for Confirm theme structure.
Please add the following WordPress.org user as translation editor for locales:

Name: Confirm theme structure

URL: https://ja.wordpress.org/plugins/confirm-theme-structure/

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!



I would like Kakwa language…

I would like Kakwa language to be added to wordpress, can you help please!


Locale manager request

Hi Polyglots
I am currently a GTE for Persian language #fa_IR ,
Currently I translated the page fa.wordpress.org and requested for font optimization on Meta and created a ticket for that
I need to translate and manage Persian language on wp.org site and we need more activity than current state on the wp.org site to add more sections
Could you please add me as locale manager for Persian language?
Appreciate for any help


(Request for Nigeria Pidgin English Locale)

I’d like to request a new locale for the Pidgin language, this is a local English from Nigeria. To see what the language looks like, please check “https://www.bbc.com/pidgin”.

Locale: pcm
Country code: NG
Plural  corms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Nigerian Pidgin
Sub-domain: pcm.wordpress.org
Site Title: Nigerian Pidgin
Site Description: WordPress in Nigerian Pidgin
Admin Username(s): femiyb


Hello, Polyglots,

I want to become General Translator Editor for Catalan (Balear), as there are no team for that local.





Olá poliglotas,

Eu quero traduzir wordpress em pt_AO, por favor me permita.

Código Alfa-2: AO
Abreviação: ANGOLA
Nome abreviado : Minúscula : Angola
Nome completo: República de Angola
Código Alfa-3: AGO
Subdomínio: ao.wordpress.org


Hi everyone, I would like…

Hi everyone,
I would like you to add my mother tongue Nko language in WordPress,
Country code: Gn
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: ߒߞߏ
Language english name : N’ko language
Sub-domain: gn.wordpress.org
Site Title:
Site Description: WordPress in N’ko language
Admin Username(s): nkofassokan2020
Admin Email: youssoufdiaby1949@gmail.com
ISO CODE : ISO 159 24
Ethnologue reference: https://www.ethnologue.com/language/nqo
Language information :
Languages : N’Ko
Creator : Solomana Kante
Time period :
1949 to the present
Direction : Right-to-left
ISO 15924 Nkoo, 165
Unicode alias :
Unicode range :
Sources :
Wikipedia incubator page : https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Incubator:Main_Page

Some websites made with WordPress in N’ko language


Hi all! I would like…

Hi all!
I would like to request to be made a translator editor for Aragonese (an). I was an editor some years ago. The translation page exists https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/an but since the localization was abandoned some years ago, it seems that I am not an editor anymore, and the locale is not anymore in the main list of locales. Could you do the steps so that I can accept translations and so that Aragonese is in the list of languages with wordpress localization.

Best regards


Locale: ibo Country code: NG…

Locale: ibo
Country code: NG
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Igbo nke Nigeria
Sub-domain: ibo.wordpress.org
Site Title: Igbo nke Nigeria
Site Description: WordPress na Asụsụ Igbo
Admin Username(s): mcgreat


Hi Polygots, I would like…

Hi Polygots, I would like to add a new locale (international/standard) English for European Union – English (EU).

Thank You.

Locale: eng
Country code: EU
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: English (EU)
Language English name: English (EU)
Sub-domain: en-eu.wordpress.org
Site Title: English (EU)
Site Description: WordPress in English (EU)
Admin Username(s): en-eu

$en_gb = new GP_Locale();
$en_gb->english_name = ‘English (EU)’;
$en_gb->native_name = ‘English (EU)’;
$en_gb->lang_code_iso_639_1 = ‘en’;
$en_gb->lang_code_iso_639_2 = ‘eng’;
$en_gb->lang_code_iso_639_3 = ‘eng’;
$en_gb->country_code = ‘eu’;
$en_gb->wp_locale = ‘en_EU’;
$en_gb->slug = ‘en-eu’;
$en_gb->google_code = ‘en’;