Hi Polyglots!

I am the plugin author for Message Business, I would like to become a PTE member for the french language please.


Thank you!


hi Polyglots,

I would like to be PTE for both WP 4.9 and SuperMag theme ( https://wordpress.org/themes/supermag/ )for Spanish (México)
I’ve just finished translating both as we’ll start our blog very soon and I really need it because there are a lot of untranslated phrases.
I’m working now in WP’s Administration, I think I’ll finish it by tomorrow.
Please help, last activity in this translation is very old and there are a lot of waiting strings.




Hi Polyglots!

A request for a new locale:
Locale: os_RU
Country code: RU
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Дигорон æвзаг
Sub-domain: os-ru.wordpress.org
Site Title: Дигорон æвзаг
Site Description: Дигорон æвзагбæл WordPress
Admin Username(s): dvallus


Hi Polyglots,

Can someone (especially French GTE) please approve translation I have done for this theme?


Is there anyone interested to translate this theme to the French language? Your help will be highly appreciated.

If there is someone who can translate this theme to other languages too, please feel free to contribute.

Thank you in advance.


hello the wordpress team after…

hello the wordpress team
after following your guide line clearly, i want to add a WordPress locale for one of the local language in east Africa. the following are the information related to the language as per the specifications.

Locale: orm + 4
Country code:
Plural forms: nplurals=3; plural=(n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n != 0 ? 1 : 2);
Language native name: Afaan Oromoo
Sub-domain: orm.wordpress.org
Site Title: Oromo
Site Description: WordPress Afaan Oromootin
Admin Username(s): sultanbiya, xxx


Hi polyglots, I am a…

Hi polyglots,
I am a member of Softaragones, a team aiming to localize software to Aragonese language (ISO codes: an, arg). We began to work on localizing WordPress some years ago, but since we are few persons, some other projects were prioritized, and the localization was abandoned. Now some people want to continue with the localization, and to coordinate the work, I’d like to request being the “translation editor” for WordPress projects in Aragonese.
Juan Pablo


Locale: es_Do

Country code: The specific code for your country (ex: es for Spain or mx for Mexico)
Plural forms: DO
Language native name: Español de República Dominicana
Language English name: Spanish
Sub-domain: es-do.wordpress.org
Site Title: Español de República Dominicana
Site Description: WordPress en español de República Dominicana
Admin Username(s): animerd


Hello Polyglot Team,

Please create a team page for Locale bh.
It shows 404 error.
I want to translate WordPress in Bhojpuri(Bihari) language.
Bhojpuri (Devanagari: भोजपुरी ) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Northern-Eastern part of India and the Terai region of Nepal. It is chiefly spoken in eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar, and in extreme northwestern part of Jharkhand in India.
According to Wikipedia.


I want to add another…

I want to add another language to start translating:

Locale: es_HN
Código de país: HN
Formas plurales: nplurales = 2; plural = (n! = 1);
Idioma nativo: Español de Honduras
Subdominio : es-hn.wordpress.org
Título del sitio: Español de Honduras
Descripción del sitio: WordPress en español de Honduras
Nombre (s) de usuario del administrador: gadriv

$es_hn = new GP_Locale();
$es_hn->english_name = ‘Spanish (Honduras)’;
$es_hn->native_name = ‘Español de Honduras’;
$es_hn->lang_code_iso_639_1 = ‘es’;
$es_hn->lang_code_iso_639_2 = ‘spa’;
$es_hn->country_code = ‘hn’;
$es_hn->wp_locale = ‘es_HN’;
$es_hn->slug = ‘es-hn’;
$es_hn->google_code = ‘es’;
$es_hn->facebook_locale = ‘es_HN’;


Locale request for Ligurian language…

Locale request for the Ligurian Language (Ligurian) LIJ

Note for @petya and @ocean90 The Locale name is Ligurian and not Genoese! Ligurian is LIJ and Genoese is lij_ZE (updated 2018-07-05)

Please: (updated 2018-07-05)
The Ligurian Language for now start only with Ligurian.
If there are any differences with the Genoese or other language variations, Saonese, Noese, Intemelio, Spezin, they will be translated into Ligurian, for now…

This changes is due to latest meeting!

Please: (updated 2018-07-05)
First open me lij_LIJ if or simple is possible,
just to start, and then the second, lij_ZE if the first one is going well!

Some exaples:


  • lij.wordpress.org
  • translate.wordpress.org/locale/lij
  • make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/?locale=lij_LIJ
  • translate.wordpress.org/locale/lij/default/wp/dev


  • lij-ze.wordpress.org
  • translate.wordpress.org/locale/lij-ze
  • make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/?locale=lij_ZE
  • translate.wordpress.org/locale/lij-ze/default/wp/dev

This changes is due to latest meeting!


Locale: lij_LIJ
Country code: LIJ
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Léngoa Lìgure
Language English name: Ligurian
Sub-domain: lij.wordpress.org
Site Title: Léngoa Lìgure
Site Description: WordPress tradûto inta Léngoa Lìgure
Admin Username(s): @luciano-croce
Admin Email: luciano [dot] croce [at] gmail [dot] com



Locale: lij_ZE
Country code: ZE
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Léngoa Lìgure Zenéize
Language English name: Genoese
Sub-domain: lij-ze.wordpress.org
Site Title: Zenéize de Zêna
Site Description: WordPress tradûto into Zenéize de Zêna
Admin Username(s): @luciano-croce
Admin Email: luciano [dot] croce [at] gmail [dot] com


Ligurian has had a literature since the 1200s and the Genoese variant was widely used alongside the Mediterranean because of the commercial and nautical importance of the Republic of Genoa. That is why Zenéize (meaning Genoese) is one of its alternate names.

This is the map:

  • The Ligurian Language Map -> lij -> root
  • Ligurian (Zenéize) -> lij_LIJ -> principal (official language)
  • Genoese (Zenéize) -> lij_ZE -> alternative (language)

This changes is due to latest meeting!

Possible others future extensions of the Ligurian Language:

  • lij_SV -> Savuneize
  • lij_SP -> Spezin
  • lij_VE -> Ventemigliusu
  • lij_NV -> Nuvaize
  • lij_BR -> Brigašc
  • lij_MC -> Munegascu
  • lij_TB -> Tabarchin
  • lij_BF -> Bunifazzin

Note for WordPress Global Polyglots team mentors:

Please don’t forget to create lij as root of the Ligurian Language for future extensions: the example is what was done in setup for the “English Language” where the “root” is “en” the principal language is “en_US” and its extensions are “en_CA” – “en_GB” – “en_AU” – “en_NZ” – “en_ZA”. Thanks!

Priority steps is:

1 – Making the Glossary and Dictionary
2 – Translating WordPress 4.9+ / 5.0+
3 – Translating all the Meta projects (when is possible)
4 – And only after translating the big Plugins and Themes


The ways of writing the Genoese are different precisely because it was mainly spoken and rarely written. In 2008 the Association “A Compagna” decided to establish an official graph (Grafîa ofiçiâ) of the Genoese: Genovese language Gallo-Romance Unesco Red book, University Sahal Mor Outaig.




http://digilander.libero.it/paolore2/genovese2.html (more important link)
http://web.tiscali.it/terzacentro/html/dizio.htm (current existing glossary genoese-italian)
http://www.zeneize.net/grafia/index.htm (official spelling/handwriting from Academy of the Brénno)
http://www.zeneize.net/itze/main.asp (dictionary genoese-italian)
http://www.francobampi.it/zena/mi_chi/060429gs.htm (the luminary university professor member of our community)

The Ligurian Language Structure thah i have on mind:

Classification: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Gallo-Iberian, Gallo-Romance, Gallo-Italian

  • The Ligurian Language Map -> lij -> Root of Ligurian Language (generic) -> official stats: 500,000 (2002) total users in all countries: 508,210. Spoken in: Italia, Francia, Monaco, Argentina.
  • Zenéize (genoese) 1st -> lij_ZE -> Pricipal Language of Ligurian People Genoese (Zenèize) is a variant of the Ligurian language spoken in Genoa (the principal city of the Liguria region in Northern Italy) parts of the Mediterranean coastal zone of France, Monaco and in the villages of Carloforte and Calasetta in Sardinia.
  • Savuneize -> lij_SV -> Savuneize is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Sann-a.
  • Spezin -> lij_SP -> Spezin is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Spèza and Sinque Tære.
  • Ventemigliusu -> lij_VE -> Intemelio is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Principality of Monaco to the Italian province of Imperia.
  • Nuvaize -> lij_NV -> Novaize (noveize) Lìgure d’Otrezôvo is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Nêuve, Seravalle, Arquâ, Val Scrivia, Borgheto, Vigneue, Bassa Val Borbëa.
  • Brigašc -> lij_BR -> Brigasc is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Tera Brigašca, Italy and France.
  • Munegascu -> lij_MC -> Monégasque (natively Munegascu) is a variant of ligurian, a Gallo-Romance language spoken in Monaco as well as nearby in Italy and France.
  • Tabarchin -> lij_TB -> Tabarchin is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Carlofòrte, Sardinia.
  • Bunifazzin -> lij_BF -> Bonifassin is a ligurian variant spoken historically from the Bonifaçio, Còrsa.

Hello Poliglots, Le viola! Je…

Hello poliglots, le voila !

Je suis l’auteur du extension Admin Footer Version (rebranded) https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-footer-version-rebranded/

J’ai consulté vos règles et le glossaire ici https://fr.wordpress.org/traduire-wordpress-en-francais/

Je suis inscrit dans le slack français #traductions

Quelqu’un peut-il examiner et approuver la traduction de mon extension https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/admin-footer-version-rebranded/dev/fr/default/ ?

Seulement la traduction du plugin, pas le readme.txt !


Merci !

Hello WordPress, I’m a Local…

Hello WordPress,
I’m a Local translator and WordPress Community member from Nepal and there are many languages are spoken in Nepal like Nepali, Mathli, Bhojpuri more. the WordPress in already translating in Nepali language but not in bhojpuri language that is difficult to use for bhojpuri language user so i would like to translate or contribute to a new local language bhojpuri.
so how can i get start for it and from how i can get access for it.


Locale: cat Country code: ES…

Locale request for Valencian Community language

Locale: cat
Country code: ES
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Valencià
Sub-domain: val.wordpress.org
Site Title: Valencià
Site Description: WordPress en valencià
Admin Username(s): mtgimenez

I wouldn’t like to publish my email address.
Thank’s in advance.


Locale code for Simplified English?

I’m wanting to create a ‘simplified English’ version of a website that could be accessed by those with limited English skills or used as a basis for machine translation. The linguistic criteria for this are rather variable (see for example this Simple English Helper Tool). The main distinctive feature would likely be that, in seeking to make the vocabulary and grammar simpler, the resultant text would be less acceptable to a native English reader.

I would not think there was any great need of a specific translation effort for WordPress itself. The default en_us translations would probably suffice, as we could normally assume that WordPress users of simplified English would either be using their own locale settings for the back end or else have a reasonable understanding of English computer terminology.

As far as I am aware there is currently no locale code for this purpose: but do folk think it would be worth having or know if something suitable already exists? If none exists, how about something that’s not too likely to be used as a normal locale code, such as en_ww (World Wide)?


Locale: kaa Country code: uz…

Hello! Requesting my native language
Locale: kaa
Country code: uz
Plural forms: nplurals=2, plural=(n != 1)
Language native name: Qaraqalpaq tili
Language English name: Karakalpak
Sub-domain: kaa.wordpress.org
Site Title: Qaraqalpaq tili
Site Description: Qaraqalpaqsha WordPress
Admin Username(s): sultanmurat