Hello I am the validator of Greek language…

Hello, I am the validator of Greek language
How can I add Greek language in installation languages?

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3.6 won’t install when translated


We built WP36-RC2-fr_FR for community testing purpose using fr.wp.org, and it turns out it won’t get us to step 2 of the installation process. Blank screen.

It won’t work whether the strings come from our SVN repository (as usual) or from translate.wp.org (same strings, freshly imported).
Won’t even if we temporarily remove translation files.

It will install in fr_FR if we create wp-config.php with the proper install information (jumps to “Site name etc.” section of installer.

Anyone else having this experience.

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I downloaded wordpress 3.4.1 vi zip directly from…

I downloaded wordpress-3.4.1-vi.zip directly from vi.wordpress.org and it produced an error once decompressed. It was looking for wp-includes/classes.php, which doesn’t exist. Minutes later, I downloaded the English version and installed it without error. I then created a blank wp-config.php file. It returned a similar error, but this time it it stated there was an undefined call to function wp() in wp-blog-header.php. I thought maybe there were permission issues but I’m not sure.

Nonetheless, the Vietnamese version of WordPress 3.4.1. is buggy and does not install like the original English version. Can someone look into this?

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