Over the last few weeks,…

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about introducing/testing cross-language PTE’s. Yoast would like to be amongst the first to get this.

Most of you know that Yoast’s had its own Yoast Translate for quite a long time. The majority of validators there is also GTE on translate.wordpress.org, so they’re the skilled polyglots you know.

With the upcoming changes in the way translations are handled, Yoast is willing to make a move towards translate.wordpress.org. However, we don’t want any translator to do double/unnecessary work.

That’s why I hereby request cross-locale PTE access for the following plugins:

In this post by Naoko we’ve formed a set of conditions a company would fulfill before they can enter the trials. Let me touch them one by one.

  1. Use the community style guides and glossaries, or create ones based on them and provide public links.
  2. Disclose the sources of translation (e.g. translation vendor) and reviewers (.org username)
  3. List steps for other .org community volunteers to get involved in the review process
  4. Create a new account for this role rather than using a personal one, and fill in the profile page with contact information
  5. Have a Slack account and ping GTEs (TBD – unless auto-notification is possible) after imports

So, how are we doing on all of these?

  1. All translations are (or should be, as I can only check a few languages) based on the rules set for each locale on translate.wordpress.org. That why we asked .org GTE’s to validate the translations done at Yoast Translate.
  2. They’re all community translations, so there’s no company behind any of them.
  3. Getting involved is easy, just sign up at https://translate.yoast.com/register/ and we’d be happy to have you as translator.
  4. We’ve created the Yoast profile for this. We’re currently adding it as plugin author to all plugins.
  5. You can always reach me on Slack, I’m online whenever my laptop’s open (which is oftentimes even after office hours)

And I would like to add a very important fact. We’re talking about a one time import. We don’t need to do this more often. We’ll just move from https://translate.yoast.com to translate.wordpress.org. This really makes it a one time import.

Summary of my request: I ask you to make Yoast a Cross-locale PTE for the above plugins, so that we can do a one-time import of the translations of our free plugins.

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Hello dear Administrators We have finished translating the…

Hello dear Administrators!
We have finished translating the development version. I wanted to merge the developemnt verstion’s translation with the 4.2.x but something went wrong, and translations percentage got 104%. Please, check it. Thanks!

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I would like to import whole pot format…

I would like to import whole pot format file for bbPress plugin. Glotpress has this functionality but i can’t find import file link.

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i have a translation file for bbpress and…

i have a translation file for bbpress and would like to import in into the translation project on glotpress. it is for arabic language.

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Trying to import translations @ wpcom wi…

Trying to import translations @ wpcom with no luck. Keep getting 503 and 504 errors 🙁

Whoops! There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.

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