Hey polyglots is there something wrong with i18n…

Hey polyglots,

is there something wrong, with i18n svn repository? As I can’t commit anything to the hu_HU part of it, since about 9 pm yesterday…

Authentication realm: Use your WordPress.org login
Password for ‘DjZoNe’: ***************

svn: E175013: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E175013: POST of ‘/!svn/me’: 403 Forbidden (https://i18n.svn.wordpress.org)

And of course, I don’t mistype my pass, nor my username. So what’s this?

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Hi I’ve found some strings which have been…

Hi, I’ve found some strings, which have been translated and worked well in previous releases, but in the current rosetta package the translations not showing up, although there’re translated in GlotPress.

First report about these bugs in hungarian package came with 3.6-RC1.

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Hi I’m just curios about how can I…

Hi, I’m just curios about how can I build a localized 3.5 dev release on rosetta site. Because the Development sub-project disappeared from the dropdown list.
And I can’t build it with the 3.4 branch, even if I gave the HEAD, or the latest revision I only get 3.4.2…

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@Zé would you be so kind to push…

@Zé would you be so kind, to push the big red deploy button, for hungarian browsehappy translation? 🙂
Thanks 😉

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Hi Zé I just want to announce the…

Hi Zé,
I just want to announce, the Hungarian translation of WordPress for Android is ready to use 🙂

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Hi Zé please remove from the validators everybody…

Hi Zé, please remove from the validators everybody for the Hungarian language project except me (DjZoNe) and fgyw, thus the others does not show any kind of activity since years.
So, I don’t think it would be fair, to show their names in the Credits pages.

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Hi, I’ve just updated the wpcom transla…

Hi, I’ve just updated the wpcom translation to Hungarian. Thus I have no access to wpcom-i18n repsoitory, Iv’e commited it to wordpress-i18n/hu_HU/wpcom. So, somebody please update it 🙂

Another noteable thing is, that the hungarian translation for the Android app is also in good shape, and available to deploy at wordpress-i18n/hu_HU/android

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