HelpHub Localisation Plan Meeting Notes


Docs Team: @kenshino, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @cristianozanca
Polyglots Team: @nao (note taker), Matteo S.
Meta Team: @sergeybiryukov
Community Team: @_dorsvenabili
MultilingualPress: @nullbyte, @dinamiko

Community Team: Handbook Translation

  • The Spanish team has been manually translating it and put it on their Rosetta site
  • @_dorsvenabili said the community team was looking into focusing on handbook i18n dev in the near feature

General Discussion

We agreed on identifying common key requirements so that a general solution can be created for both the Community and Docs team’s handbooks

In short, after a lengthy discussion, we realized that the key requirement was really to have a place that local teams could write into the Rosetta site. Everything else could be decided on and improved upon later.

We therefore discussed various technical possibilities.

GlotPress vs Custom Post Type (CPT)


  • Pros
    • A large number of translation contributors are already familiar with it
    • Translation review (validation) flow and role system is established
    • Glossaries & fuzzy detection work well
  • Cons
    • Need to somehow push WordPress content into files (possibly)
    • The text in the source file needs to be wrapped around l10n functions
    • Not really meant for long-form text
    • Does not allow for new content to be created (relies on a base English version)


  • Pros
    • Relatively easy to build an MVP then test & extend
    • MultilingualPress (if used) can offer ways to connect sites, send notifications, and add hooks
    • Since it’s WP based, should be easy for translators to learn
    • Allows local teams to create new localized contents rather than translated docs
  • Cons
    • No detailed (e.g. per paragraph) validation flow like GlotPress
    • Additional roles may have to be defined
    • Users need to be added to Rosetta sites, possibly causing a bottleneck/gatekeeper situation

MVP for the CPT solution

Write up the necessary custom post types on one Rosetta site so that the locale team can create a copy of English pages and translate (see details on this post under “Phase 1”).

Future Requirements

  • Notification for original text changes
  • Diff between the original and the starting point of the translation
  • Ways to distinguish obsolete contents
  • A content approval workflow to ensure the correctness of content
  • And more to be discussed

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Notes from the Polyglots chat on May 4th

Locale stats

Releases: 162 locales. 60 locales up to date. 1 locale behind by minor versions. 15 locales behind by one major version.16 locales behind more than one major version. 61 locales have a site but never released. 9 locales don᾿t have a site.

Next short term goal is getting to 75 locales up to date before 4.6

All 15 locales behind one major version are 85% + translated with the exception of Latvian.

hy 4.4.2 92% hy Team
Bengali বাংলা #bn_BD 4.4.2 97% bn Team
Cebuano Cebuano #ceb 4.4.2 94% ceb Team
Czech Čeština‎ #cs_CZ 4.4.2 78% cs Team
Hazaragi هزاره گی #haz 4.4.2 85% haz Team
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia #id_ID 4.4.2 97% id Team
Latvian Latviešu valoda #lv 4.4.2 59% lv Team
Malay Bahasa Melayu #ms_MY 4.4.2 96% ms Team
Occitan Occitan #oci 4.4.2 99% oci Team
Persian فارسی #fa_IR 4.4.2 94% fa Team
Scottish Gaelic Gàidhlig #gd 4.4.2 85% gd Team
Slovenian Slovenščina #sl_SI 4.4.2 86% sl Team
South Azerbaijani گؤنئی آذربایجان #azb 4.4.2 87% azb Team
Tagalog Tagalog #tl 4.4.2 90% tl Team
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt #vi

Translations: 162 locales. 59 locales at 100%. 4 locales have more than 95%. 6 locales have more than 90%. 22 locales have more than 50%. 61 locales have less than 50%. 10 locales don᾿t have a WP project.

Locales translated more than 95%

Locale WP Locale Version GlotPress
Bengali বাংলা bn_BD 4.4.2 97% #bn Team
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia id_ID 4.4.2 97% #id Team
Malay Bahasa Melayu ms_MY 4.4.2 96% #ms Team
Occitan Occitan oci 4.4.2 99% #oci Team

We started filling out data about locale status during the releases to get a history of how things progressed as far back as we can. To give a hand with filling out the data, please ask for access to the spreadsheet.

Tech update was enabled and works pretty good.

Dominik Schilling ocean90

Coming later this day: When a plugin releases a new version all translations will be copied from dev to stable.

Handbook task list

  • Add a page about how WordPress ships translations based on Nikolay & John’s video from GWTD

Let’s create a list of questions to add to the FAQ section of the handbook:

  • Add a Frequently asked questions page and include
    • How often are translations deployed for plugins (every six hours?)
    • How long does it take for new translations to get to users? (translations get pushed every 24 hours?)
    • How do translations for Rosetta sites appear on the site? (Automatically pushed every 24 hours, at 1pm UTC)
    • Why are my translations still ‘waiting’?
    • Why my translations were rejected? What can I do in that case?
    • I have translations in po/mo files, how can I import them in
    • How long does it take for a new plugin/theme to get added to
    • Why can’t I be a GTE for all languages for my plugin/theme?
    • I’m getting a lot of “502 Bad Gateway”. What can I do?
    • Other FAQs? Add them in the comments

Open discussion

  • Support Team mentioned that Codex will be retired and translations will get lost. We need to collect more information here.
  • Organizing WordCamp Europe, there is a chance @petya won’t be around at the weekly meetings for the next weeks. It is important to keep the meetings going. @chantalc, @deconf, @wolly, @tacoverdo, @pixolin and @coachbirgit will take care of organizing the meetings.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Please leave comments if you have anything else to add to the notes.



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Polyglots Glossary – let’s gather the terms

We have a Glossary section of the handbook:

I need your help with gathering all the terms we need to explain in the glossary, so here goes:

  • Experienced contributors, please add the terms you’re missing in a comment of this post
  • New contributors, please add any term you’re not familiar with you come across – again in a comment here.

#documentation, #glossary, #handbook, #polyglots

To clear up some confusion around the revision…

To clear up some confusion around the revision number used for building a local package, I updated this Translation Handbook page: Packaging Localized WordPress

I appreciate it you could read through the process and let me know what needs to be changed/added. Thanks!


Resurrecting the Polyglots Contributor Handbook

Hello again polyglots!

One of things discussed at the chat a few weeks ago was the handbook for your team. Contributor handbooks are a great way to cover all the basic and even advanced parts of what your team does. (Check out the handbooks from the core and mobile teams for great examples.)

The polyglots contributor handbook was started by @nbachiyski and has been worked on by @nao as well. They’ve both done a great job so far!

I’d like to continue their work and get a full handbook published, with detailed pages just like the handbooks linked above.

Why is this important? A lot of questions come in to make/polyglots that could easily be answered if they were documented well. In fact, a lot of the answers are documented well already, but are scattered throughout this site and others. Let’s combine them and clean up everything so it’s incredibly easy for anyone to start a new translation of WordPress or pick up where someone else left off.

One of the most important parts of a good, consistent handbook is a good editor. @nao has agreed to act as editor!

I’ll be helping @nao bring content over from other places and put them in a new handbook. The current handbook and other pages will be merged into this handbook and updated as needed.

But @nao and I can’t do it alone! We need volunteers to help write new new pages. Are you interested in contributing in any way to the handbook? Leave a comment here with your level of interest so we can get to work making the handbook awesome. Thanks!


Hi Zé I’ve talked to siobhan and I…

Hi Zé, I’ve talked to siobhan and I volunteered to be in charge of the Polyglots Handbook. But I need access to the dashbord to edit the page. Could you please do that for me? Thanks

#handbook, #request

On our last meeting a week ago https…

On our last meeting a week ago ( I promised Siobhan from the Docs team to find someone to own the Polyglots Handbook. However, the person I had in mind can”t help us right now. So, this is a call for volunteers. Someone needs to assume this task and it would be better if this person knew the process of starting a new site, setting up locale forum, the translation process itself and building the packages. Anyone, please?


I’m working on a new draft Translator’s Handbook…

I’m working on a new draft Translator’s Handbook, on light of the most asked questions here. The final purpose is to merge that with the current one, to have a complete and thorough overview of the translation process of WordPress. I’d love to have feedback. What is missing? Is something not clear? Is there too much information anywhere? All comments welcome, thanks in advance.


Hi everyone I’m editing Translator’s Handbook Posting it…

Hi everyone,
I’m editing Translator’s Handbook. Posting it here. I hope this will help new comers and anyone who want to start translating WordPress.
Any experienced person’s suggestion is welcome. Actually I also am a beginner at WordPress translation. So some information may be wrong. So need correction or suggestion.


I added a little bit of text on the hand…

I added a little bit of text on the handbook documentation:
I’m planning on adding some more under “Local sites” section later.

As mentioned before, can we have a page for a viewer and eventually link this page from the sidebar or Resource page?


I created a new page with a tag policy o…

I created a new page with a tag policy on how to tag your posts… check it out!

#handbook, #infrastructure