WordPress Translation Day 4 Meeting Notes (March 19, 2019)

Attendance: @nao, @zetaraffix, @xkon, @ugyen, @ronakganatra, @bhargavmehta, @tobifjellner, @pedromendonca, @fitehal, @kartiks16, @jordicuevas, @rohit

This was the seventh weekly meeting for WordPress Translation Day 4 (Saturday, May 11, 2019). Here’s the meeting archive link.

The site is live!

Team Updates

New team members: @kartiks16 and @tokyobiyori on Outreach Team and @vrajshah705 on Communication Team (as a social media wrangler)



  • With help from @vedanshu of Community Team, gathered meetup chapter and country data
    • At GWTD3, 23 Chapters from GWTD2 did not host a meetup. 71 could be 90+
    • Out of 99 Countries, Only 42 Have Participated in Translation Day
    • Currently, there are 715 Meetup Chapters across 99 Countries. Many new chapters were initiated this year. Let’s Welcome them to Polyglots
  • The team worked on dividing up the chapters to reach out. They can use more help if anyone wants to volunteer
  • Outreach status sheet is being prepared
  • @nao and others finished up blog post draft


  • @xkon + team launched https://wptranslationday.org on Sunday
  • @audrasjb is handling the event map
  • @nemanja will be handling the blog section
  • Block editor is set to default
  • There still are some more design tweaks to be done; please don’t publish posts/pages without checking first
  • The team won’t be using Trello for internal task tracking


Notes on Trello Task Management

  • @webcommsat updated the labels to mark status
  • @nao shared tasks that need volunteers or help with scoping (currently in the area of blog post & documentation writing only)
  • Teams are encouraged to create task cards that need volunteer(s), and set the label to green

Reminders for Organizing Team

  • Please file all docs/assets for the event under our Google Drive folder.
  • If you need to access the event’s Trello board & website dashboard, please message @nao or @webcommsat (Slack ID: @abhanonstopnewsuk) on Slack
  • Always refer to the event date as “May 11” not 11/5 or 5/11 to avoid confusion.
  • The official event title is “WordPress Translation Day 4” (“Global” is removed) and social media hashtag is #WPTranslationDay (no trailing “4”)

Awesome team work, everyone! See you next week: Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 1:00 PM GMT in #polyglots-events

#gwtd, #gwtd4

WordPress Translation Day 4 Meeting Notes (March 12, 2019)

Attendance: @nao, @zetaraffix, @xkon, @jaqueline, @ugyen, @bornforphp, @nukaga, @ronakganatra, @bhargavmehta, @tobifjellner, @Webcommsat, @gounder, @pedromendonca, @fitehal, @mbigul, @casiepa, and @nemanja

This was the sixth weekly meeting for WordPress Translation Day 4 (Saturday, May 11, 2019). Here’s the meeting archive link.

Reminders for Organizing Team

  • Please file all docs/assets under the Google Drive folder for the event.
  • If you need to access the event’s Trello board & staging website, please ask.
  • Always refer to the event date as “May 11” not 11/5 or 5/11 to avoid confusion.
  • The official event title is “WordPress Translation Day 4” (“Global” is removed) and social media hashtag is #WPTranslationDay.

Team Updates

  • The staging site has been set up with the updated design by @xkon
  • @xkon sent out to organizing team members login info for the staging
  • @zetaraffix is now working on assets for social media & press
  • Calls for Speaker & local event are set up based on last time’s pages
  • @xkon is working on the privacy policy
  • @nemanja is collecting organizer bio
  • @gounder is working on call for speakers post
  • @nao & @nukaga got the event Meetup.com template published with help from the community team
  • We will upgrade to the Crowdcast Professional plan ($89 for 250 attendees and the additional cost is 30¢/person) for one month. WPMU DEV will be sponsoring the cost
  • @webcommsat asked @casiepa and the Livestreaming Team about YouTube multistreaming on WPTV channel
  • @kafleg and @fitehal help Jordi for the Outreach Team
  • @webcommsat started a list of blog ideas for planning topics
Join us in Slack #polyglots-events if you have questions and feedback. Next meeting is Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 6:00 AM GMT.

#gwtd, #gwtd4

WordPress Translation Day 4 Meeting Notes (March 5, 2019)

Attendance: @Nao, @zetaraffix, @xkon, @jordicuevas, @ibdz, @ronakganatra, @bhargavmehta, @tobifjellner, @Webcommsat, @sergeybiryukov, @pedromendonca, @imnok, @priyankabehera155, and @nemanja

This was the fifth weekly meeting for WordPress Translation Day 4 (Saturday, May 11, 2019) Here’s the meeting archive link. (This post includes some discussionn before & after the meeting as well).

Reminders for Organizing Team

  • Please file all docs/assets under the Google Drive folder for the event.
  • Make sure to join & follow the event’s Trello board. Ask @webcommsat or @nao for access.
  • Always refer to the event date as “May 11” not 11/5 or 5/11 to avoid confusion.
  • The official event title is “WordPress Translation Day 4” (“Global” is removed) and social media hashtag is #WPTranslationDay.

Updates from Design Team

@zetaraffix shared 2 mocks for the front page and asked for feedback.

I would like to focus on pushing the data visualization as much as we can, giving last year’s work an updated look but without wasting too much time on disruption.

@ibdz shared his Design Proposal slide deck


Some ideas:

The team continued discussion after the meeting about the direction.

Updates from Web/Admin Team

@xkon said to work on the structure (basic setup is the same as last year) + extra pages by the end of the week.

He asked @sergeybiryukov to take a look at map visualization tool http://kepler.gl/

March 9th is the expected date for getting application forms for local event organizers and speakers ready on the live site.

Livestream Session Idea

@tobifjellner‘s idea: collect i18n questions from developers (on the wptranslationday.org website?) and have an interactive Q&A/AMA panel.

Updates from Outreach Team

@jordicuevas is working on call for local event organizers P2 post and will be sharing the draft (Google Docs) with @webcommsat. Post to be published after the initial site launch since application form link needs to be live.


@zetaraffix shared a rough timeline doc with dates for web/comm/design teams. Onboarding schedule and deadlines for calls/selections/content are to be added. Please add comments.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • March 7: Design fix [Design Team]
  • March 9: Initial site launch [Web/Admin Team]
  • March 9 (? or within a day or so): Call for local event organizers P2 post [Comm & Outreach Team]

#gwtd, #gwtd4

Global WordPress Translation Day 4 is coming

Save the date – Saturday, 11 May 2019 will be the 4th edition of Global WordPress Translation Day (GWTD4). 

This 24-hour global event will be dedicated to the translation of all things WordPress, from core to themes, and from plugins to marketing.

The event will be a celebration of the Make WordPress Polyglots Team, shining a spotlight on the thousands of volunteers worldwide who give their time and skills to make this online platform available to even more people.

Global World Translation Day 4 logo

During the last Global WordPress Translation Day, 71 local events took place worldwide, involving 29 countries.

More information including minutes from the planning meetings will be published on Make WordPress Polyglots P2 under #GWTD4 tag in the coming weeks. Also, you can keep connected via the @TranslateWP twitter account.

If you are interested in helping with this event or following the discussion, you can also follow WordPress Slack polygots-events channel.


#GWTD4 Planning Meeting – 26 Feb 2019

13:00 UTC – Polyglots-events Slack channel (archive link)

Meeting Attendance

@nao @gounder @webcommsat @tobifjellner @nemanja @xkon @casiepa @patilswapnilv @nukaga @prathameshp @ibdz @audrasjb @zetaraffix @jordicuevas

Notes by @jordicuevas

Ideas for live streaming session contents:


  • work on the speaker/local event application forms and privacy statement.
  • Have a meetup template setup.
  • link the call for speakers  and organize event google forms in the march MeetUp newsletter.
  • The Outreach/Mentor team will get the call for organizers for the next planning  meeting.

Design ideas

  • website team will get started right away based on last year’s theme and layout
  • The design team will review the theme and layout from GWTD3 WordPress, and being aware of brand building propose a change in the color schema and typography.

Next meeting: Tuesday 5 March 2019, 13:00 UTC

#gwtd, #gwtd4

#GWTD4 Planning Meeting – 19 Feb 2019

13:00 UTC – Polygots-events Slack channel

Meeting Attendance

@nao, @webcommsat, @jordicueuas, @tobifjellner, @Stefano76, @zetaraffix, @audrasjb, @ibdz, @xkon. @casiepa (asynchronous).
Notes taken by @abhanonstopnewsuk

Discussion on Local team’s role

  • One of our main goals for GWTD is to get more people involved in translating. But just posting call for meetup organizers isn’t usually enough.
  • Outreach team can help by talking to more locale teams and inviting them to organize local events, prepare for the meetup, and mentor new or inexperienced GTEs
  • @jordicuevas, Local Team Lead, to arrange to contact GTEs and meet with the team
  • @jordicuevas requested to identify regions and teams that can use some helping hands and assign team members to reach out to them directly (@nao)
  • Marketing/ Communications – Discussion on finding to capture data from this research and to identify the GTEs who needed operational and marketing information, and for this to be done in a good data handling manner. This could also be used for enabling them to offer marketing ideas, advise of their promotions and provide quotes or short videos for the wider publicity.
  • Register of interest form – discussed for translators to be able to register for information about the event and partipating
  • Call for organizers – on the P2 and through other identified channel (further discussion to be arranged between local and communications teams)



  • Register of interest form to be updated including data handling and permissions statement, year, etc
  • privacy page to be created
  • call for organizers
  • Website

Community-events MeetUp Newsletter

  • Request to be sent to include GWTD4 date and deadline for future issues before the event

Storage of files and for future events

  • Discussion of where could store paperwork in draft, visual assets to be of more use to the existing planning, GWTD4 and future events.
  • Discussion on whether there was a shared MakeWordPress area, if the MakeWordPress website had a system of collating form information easily in the same way as WordCamps websites for processing requests for RSS feeds or volunteer submissions.
  • Post meeting, @casiepa shared a link to a Google shared folder for the current team.
  • A trello board has been created in draft by @abhanonstopnewsuk which captured communications and marketing elements emerging. Contact her to be added to the board with your Trello ID and email address it is inked.
  • @audrasjb started a base architecture for the website. Will add a card to the Trello board with a link to the google doc. Has a few question about the Github repository access and also about the siteground server access to. Base architecture is at a design-free stage. @casiepa to look at what information SiteGround paperwork he has. The site is a flat, html site at the moment
  • Sub groups can create tools which assist them as long as they are linked, where appropriate, from the main organization channels.

Next meeting: Tuesday 26 February 2019, 13:00 UTC

#gwtd, #gwtd4

Global WordPress Translation Day 4 Meeting Notes (Feb 12, 2019)

Attendance: @Nao, @zetaraffix, @xkon, @jordicuevas, @ibdz, @bhargavmehta, @tobifjellner, @fahimmurshed, @Webcommsat, @casiepa, @priyankabehera155, @patilswapnilv, and @nemanja

The second meeting for Global WordPress Translation Day 4 (GWTD4, Saturday, May 11, 2019) started at 13:00 UTC and was closed at 14:15 (meeting archive).

Team Organization

Design/Communication Teams are combined (background).

Live Stream Content Team is small, so you’re welcome to help them out and/or switch over to the team. The role is similar to session team for WordCamps.

Teams are encouraged to have meetings and discussions on #polyglots-events Slack channel.

Event Format


  • 24-hour live stream with curated contents (live & recorded videos)
  • Local events during the 24-hour period


  • Use the preceding week to promote awareness of translation-related activities (mentoring new translators and building resources such as getting started guide/ glossary/style guide)
  • Have several (pairs of?) local hosts run the live streaming as a team relay rather than a marathon

Next Meeting

Next weekly meeting will be on February 19, 2019 13:00 UTC in #polyglots-events.

#gwtd, #gwtd4

First Meeting for GWTD4 – Feb 5 2019


This was the first meeting to set up the team and consolidate decisions for the next edition of Global WordPress Translation Day, the 4th (GWTD4).

Event Date

After some discussion, an agreement was reached on the date: GWTD4 will be on Saturday, May 11, 2019.


A Google spreadsheet has been open for some time now for volunteers, teams and leads will be confirmed and official list disclosed in next meeting (February 12, 2019 13:00 UTC in #polyglots-events.

Meeting started at 13:00 UTC and was closed at 14:30 (#).

#gwtd, #gwtd4