Discussion: Using translation tools with GlotPress?

Discussion: Using translation tools with GlotPress?

In our weekly chat meeting today, we´ve discussed over a feature request, to implement Google Translator into GlotPress. A feature, that was build in in the past, but was removed after another discussion. (s. here) Sidenote: Some very ambitious validators were misusing it to get their language at 100% and it resulted in very poor translations  Since API keys are needed and if those aren’t passed it will not be displayed and not  because of misusing it.


Upcoming concerns from chat

  • Is it useful, to let the locale editor decide, if translation tools are in use
  • it would maybe useful to get a first raw translations for new locale, but for using it needs proofreading
  • a validator for a locale should be a good native speaker, so doesn´t need a Google Translator
  • If a validator decides to misuse the tool, there’s a very little chance anyone will be able to notice unless a user speaks up.
  • Keep in mind that the Google Translate API is a paid service
  • Maybe part of solution, or just making easier for translators is to list on local site links to online tools for translating and checking spell

Let´s discuss

  • What are your best practices as translator / validator?
  • Do you use any translation tools for raw translations?


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Hi We have a little problem automatic traslation…


We have a little problem: automatic traslation is not working in GlotPress for galician language, although our language is supported in the Google tool.

Error in translating via Google Translate: undefined!

Can you solve this problem, please?

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i am translating twenty eleven 3.4 x to…

i am translating twenty eleven 3.4.x to Georgian language and in some cases when i edit some fields i can’t correct them 🙁 why ?
and altho Translation from Google doesn’t work

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Do the translations approved and stored in GlotPress…

Do the translations approved and stored in GlotPress feed back into http://translate.google.com/? Does Google’s machine translation engine learn from the translations entered by WordPress community volunteers (thus potentially making better suggestions for us in the future)?

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