One glossary to rule them all

First of all, thanks for glossary. It’s a life saving functionality.

I’m currently validating lots of project and trying to maintain order between them. Glossary is a very helpful tool to accomplish this but it’s project specific. Is there a way to use a common glossary for selected projects or for all of them?

Please don’t say import/export. It’s not functional when you try to keep all glossaries from all projects updated. For example when translating or validating a project, you see a term which needs to be put in glossary. You can’t add it to just that project if it’s a very general term. You have to put it to all glossaries. Yoı choose a projects glossary as primary glossary and update it, export it and import it every project you’re validating.

Possible solutions;

  • A single glossary for all projects
  • Import functionality betweeen glossaries
  • Inheritance (When you create a glossary you choose a parent and with this it contains all the terms of parent glossary)

TL;DR -> title ^ ^

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Is it possible to make GlotPress dashboard a…

Is it possible to make GlotPress dashboard a little bit more useful? Like showing active projects and their statuses to validator like this:

It’s hard to track all the projects. I have to check every project to see if there is new or waiting translations. Just WordPress Core has 6 active projects (3 themes, WordPress, Administration and Network). There is mobile projects, plugins etc. It’ll be a handy feature if implemented.

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Version 3.9 fr FR shipped with a set…

Version 3.9-fr_FR shipped with a set a bad strings (slippery fingers, honest mistake, but still). I compiled a new archive with the corrected strings, but how can I make sure the translation files are getting pushed to users who have already upgraded to 3.9?


Noticed a bug while editing translation of BuddyPress…

Noticed a bug (?) while editing translation of BuddyPress here

Not all untranslated strings are showed. How did I found that:
1) went through all untranslated strings,
2) exported the po file of everything ru_RU
3) opened in Poedit and noticed that some strings appeared to be untranslated, although they are not listed under Untranslated filter in GlotPress.
4) translated them in Poedit and imported into GlotPress
5) got the message that 16 new strings were translated.

So in general – untranslated strings were not showing under Untranslated filter in Glotpress.

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If some of you know I’m working on…

If some of you know I’m working on GlotPress and since it’s getting more activity I would love to setup a biweekly meeting. If you would love to help out by sharing ideas or maybe contributing back then please leave a message at


I just translated 125 terms to Arabic for…

I just translated 125 terms to Arabic for GlotPress Development. please validate

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There is still not 3.8 project for WP…

There is still not 3.8 project for WP in GlotPress. When correcting a typo in 3.8.x, should I use 3.7 or Trunk?

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Hi there I have a few questions and…

Hi there. I have a few questions and issues that we’re trying to sort out over at and

  1. On sites like and there are welcome sections that I cannot figure out how to add into the Vietnamese site. There are only two users on the site right now, and we’re both Editors, and I’m not sure how page templates and/or front page content is set. Can you point me to some information on this?
  2. Do you have a list of validators for Vietnamese, or is there somewhere I can see it? The validators for the language at the moment should be me (philiparthurmoore), Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh (fitwp), and Buy Huy Thang (gsmeanspro). I thought I could control this from within the Dashboard under Users, but it doesn’t seem to be related.
  3. We’re planning on creating a P2 for Vietnamese translators to chat with each other. Is there anything in place on the .org side of things to facilitate this directly on the .org site for Vietnamese or should I instead just set up a P2 elsewhere? I’m fine with either solution.

Thanks in advance!

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Any news on the string count issue from…

Any news on the string count issue from last year’s thread: — The issue is still there for the main .pot file (for example de_DE.po). GlotPress here says there are 1782 strings, but when I do a .po file export for any language from there my .po file always only has 1759 strings.

Still no reason why this is and what’s causing it? In last year’s comment thread @sergeybiryukov mentioned a list of different strings. What are those different strings this time for 3.8

Thanks for any help with that, really has me going nuts these days…! Also pinging @nacin and @nbachiyski for any ideas. THANKS!


Bonjour J’ai passé un bon moment à revoir…

J’ai passé un bon moment à revoir, corriger, uniformiser et améliorer la consistance de la traduction de bbPress
Mais je ne sais pas comment valider les modifications?

Je connais bien d’autres systèmes de traduction tels que Transifex avec lequel j’ai traduit en français Disqus, pUpload et, mais GlotPress? comment obtenir les droits de relecteur?

Merci à toute la communauté

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Hi I have been asked by Min Wei…

I have been asked by Min Wei to translate a project on Glotpress, but i can’t log in. Can you please help? Thanks.

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Orginazed or not?

At times I don’t think things work to good here @ polyglots. Very much feels disorganized and poorly thought through, which then confuses us who translate and create local packages. Especially since we went from SVN to GlotPress.

Can we please have a new Development trunk…

Can we please have a new Development (trunk) project @ glotpress

When 3.6 was released someone renamed the current dev project to 3.6.x without creating any new dev project. If we are to move to GlotPress and phase out SVN, things has to work better.

I’ve pointed this out several times, but unfortunately nothing has changed. When we use SVN, we can, in a sense manage tags/branches ourselves, something we can’t do with GlotPress. We are instead dependent on someone taking care of the projects. When 20 days goes by with no response to your request you lose the will to even try.

I even tried to contact the core team via IRC, the third attempt nacin replied, quite vague:

I’ve seen the thread. There will be a 3.7 project once it makes sense.

Firstly, if a request is read, leave a message, I do not have Jedi mind powers. Secondly, when it makes sense to whom? Sorry, but It feels like everyone does as they themselves find fit at the time, not a good way to get things organized…

There are already new strings for 3.7. Some of us want to work at our own pace and not get all strings at once. Suppose also that a language team wants to review parts of the translations for the upcoming version without involving sub versions aka have access to a development version. Shouldn’t it be possible (just like core)? We should be able to have the ability to organize and plan within our team, without technical limitations. Right now GlotPress is such limitation, at least as long as you have to chase people to get answers to questions/requests that we should be able to ask right here.

This is exactly what I said would happen when discussions about GlotPress came up. GlotPress was and is not ready for this type of project. I think GlotPress can be really good and I will say nothing about evolution that occurs with GlotPress (some are doing a really good job with the updates of the software). GlotPress should be a plugin that the teams could operate ourselves on the local sites. It would solve a lot of problems, it would be ready when a local site is set up, and we would be able to manage all projects and users within the teams, in one place.

You may think I’m just ranting, let it be so. When it comes to projects and computers, I am extremely organized, sometimes maybe too organized (if you can be?).

Polyglots, the use of GlotPress and creation of packages need to be reviewed and organized!

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Can we please have a new Development trunk…

Can we please have a new Development (trunk) project @ glotpress

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Hi Currently I’m the only active administrator validator…


Currently I’m the only active administrator/validator for galician language (gl_ES). I wish to relieve this activity and let others to engage in administrative tasks. For now, we have a volunteer, which currently is the most active performing translations.

I added this user, @egalego, as Editor on Galician Rosseta site:

I don’t know if it is necessary to grant access elsewhere, as the svn repository or the codex. I leave this in the hands of administrators.


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I’d like to add a plugin to http…

I’d like to add a plugin to . It is already properly localized and translated in italian and it would be great to use a tool like glotpress to keep the translation updated and attract new contributors.
Is it possible?
The plugin is

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