Global WordPress Translation Day #3

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It is happening again! On September 30th, international translation day, we’re inviting everyone who wants to help translate WordPress, themes, and plugins into their own language, to join us for a 24-hour global translation sprint!

What are we doing?

For everyone who’s new to the Translation Day events, here’s a summary of what we do during one:

  • Local translation contributor days – on site events in different cities around the world (last time we had more than 60, let’s beat that!)
  • Remote support for as many languages as possible to help contributors who would like to join from their home
  • 24 hours of live streaming sessions dedicated to different topics around WordPress localization and internationalization (L10n and i18n).

Who are the sessions for?

  • Everyone who would like to learn how to translate WordPress in their language
  • New and experienced translation editors – the sessions will have useful tips and advice how to build and maintain a strong translation team
  • Developers who would like to find translators for their projects – the sessions will teach you how to work with the polyglots team and how to build a translation community around your products
  • Developers who would like to learn how to prepare their plugins and themes for localization
  • Everyone who would like to learn how translations work in WordPress and get a general idea of the work of the Polyglots team.

When is it happening?

On September 30th, 2017, starting at exactly 00:00 UTC. (See when the event starts for you!)

Please see all relevant details on our event website.


Why are we doing it?

  • To have fun and get to know each other better.
  • To encourage more translation contributors to get involved and expand the WordPress Polyglots team
  • To educate existing translation contributors and project translation editors to reduce the amount of waiting strings.
  • To improve the general understanding of how WordPress deals with translations among the development community
  • To create strong connections between the plugin and theme authors and the WordPress translation community
  • To educate translation editors to use the existing tools to improve the experience.

How can you join?

Looking forward to contributing with you. Happy translating! 

Global Polyglots team mentor
Lead for communication – Global WordPress Translation Day organizing team

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