Hello Polyglots Please add the following users as…

Hello Polyglots!

Please add the following users as PTE for the Give Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/give/


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Hi I notice all my 9 plugins have…


I notice all my 9 plugins have a new PTE for Canadian English, also a guy named Guido (but not me):

Don’t know him, and I notice his last activity was 12 years ago..

And with Russian language I do have a PTE, but he is not listed as PTE:

What’s happening here? Can I ignore this?

Because I don’t have Slack I’m trying to find an answer here..


#en_ca, #question, #ru_ru

Can #en CA be added to the Android…

Can #en_CA be added to the Android and iOS mobile projects?

#mobile, #request

I noticed that English Canada is not appearing…

I noticed that English (Canada) is not appearing in https://api.wordpress.org/translations/core/1.0/?version=4.0 even though everything in GlotPress is translated for days. Could it be because English (Canada) does not have a “Continents & Cities” that the Rosetta builder was corrected for a few versions back.

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I was trying to build a beta of…

I was trying to build a beta of the Canadian English WordPress ant it appears not to work due to not having a Contenents & Cities section on translate.wordpress.org. Error message: Couldn’t retrieve the file from: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/cc/en-ca/default/export-translations

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I am getting this error when trying to…

I am getting this error when trying to upgrade.

Downloading update from https://en.wordpress.org/wordpress-3.3.1-en_CA.zip…

Unpacking the update…

The package could not be installed.: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Installation Failed

It appears that it is looking for en.wordpress rather than en-ca.wordpress


I’m trying to svn ci but am running…

I’m trying to svn ci but am running into. Authentication realm: Use your WordPress.org login. I’ve been trying to follow the plugin svn documentation but it does not mention anything about authentication. I am using terminal in MacOSX.