Hi I miss many names under translator section…


I miss many names under translator section on credits page. There are only users listed with validator rights, but no user who helped out to translate.

Can anyone this confirm?

Best regards,

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Hello how can I find out who was…


how can I find out, who was involved in translation for 3.6.x? In the credits.php I´ll find only Users with validator rights.

We want to list all involved in our blog, to say many thanks for assistance.

Thanks for answer and best regards,

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I’m seeing two unknown names in the 3.4…

I’m seeing two unknown names in the 3.4 credits: along with the historical fr_FR translators (with their pictures), I’m seeing two other names — that are not even present in the fr.wp.org users. How come?

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Hello I see strange Names at the credit…

I see strange Names at the credit page (wp-admin/credits.php) in WordPress Arabic:
“letsfx” and “ala101” …
They haven’t contributed to the Translation.
How can you explain that ?

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Really love the credits page Nice set up…

Really love the credits page. Nice set up with Gravatars and all.

How are the translators pulled into the page? In the danish installs we have four translators on the credits page. Is it the four who contibuted most strings or just the validators? Is four the limit or is that just coincidence?

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Please remove teleman and a1ex from ru RU…

Please remove teleman and a1ex from ru_RU validators for WordPress.

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Hello Zé We have a little problem with…

Hello, Zé,

We have a little problem with the credits page, in the translators section.

The system reflects the profiles of the translators that had any approved translation in GlotPress. In our case, it only appears one translator. We omit, therefore, all the translators who make great contributions through the translation of .po files, leaving aside the GlotPress platform.

Another problem we have is that some translators do not want to be in the credits page.

Maybe in the future you could develope a privacy tool, eg. in the profile configuration of the WP.org account, allowing us to choose if we want to appear in the credits pages. Or, if it is not possible, a tool or a file on the svn to manually configure the translators that will appear on the credits page for each language.

Thanks in advance.

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Zé a reminder to double check Chouf1’s presence…

Zé, a reminder to double-check Chouf1’s presence as a WP fr_FR translator, please Others are fair game 🙂

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Validators and translators on the credits page should…

Validators and translators on the credits page should all be accurate as of today. You may need to manually expire the local transient to confirm this.

Still some encoding issues, which I hope to fix in some form in the coming days, and some formatting issues on the credits page, which we’ll likely tackle in 3.2.1.

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Some strings are overlapping on credits page https…

Some strings are overlapping on credits page – https://mya.wordpress.org/wp-admin/credits.php

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Hi Zé please remove from the validators everybody…

Hi Zé, please remove from the validators everybody for the Hungarian language project except me (DjZoNe) and fgyw, thus the others does not show any kind of activity since years.
So, I don’t think it would be fair, to show their names in the Credits pages.

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Credits page How is list of translators generated…

Credits page: How is list of translators generated? I found some users on Credits page which were only testing GlotPress and tried adding one or two strings which were not approved by validators. Only users with some approved string should be displayed on Credits page, I guess…

And also please remove jowik from validators. I did not find any string from this username and did not know when and how became a validator?

Thank you…

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Hi there We have an issue in credits…

Hi there.

We have an issue in credits page (https://es.wordpress.org/wp-admin/credits.php). é appears as é, so there are two names wrong: José and Zé.

Can you take a look at the charset?
Thanks 🙂

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Hi guys Credits page For fr FR please…

Hi guys!

Credits page: For fr_FR, please remove nbtetreault, lionel_chollet, applimed, qbert72, drouq_, and guidebook. Only Lionel has done any work that I know of on WP’s translation, and he hasn’t been active for years.


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Hi all A question has come up with…

Hi all —

A question has come up with regards to the various strings on the credits page, what they mean, and how they can loosely be translated. If you need more clarification, comment and I’ll update the post.

Please note I’m still working out some issues on the page, so for a few more days the credits are likely to be inaccurate for your locale.

  • Project Leaders – Pretty easy, I’d think.
  • Extended Core Team – These individuals (along with the project leaders) make up the core team.
  • Recent Rockstars – These are recent top contributors. They have contributed extensively in the most recent development cycle and have earned the extra recognition. Given this is largely an English colloquialism, translate it as it makes sense in your language.
  • Core Contributors – I would think this is explanatory.
  • Cofounder, Project Lead – Matt is the cofounder of WordPress and leads the project.
  • Lead Developer – There are four lead developers who direct the project.
  • User Experience Lead – Jane is the head of User Experience, known as UX.
  • Core Committer – Also known as a core developer, this is a member of the core leadership team who has full and permanent commit rights to WordPress. (Me and Dion.) We report to the lead developers.
  • Guest Committer – A developer who has temporary commit rights for a specific component or feature. This cycle, Koop was given commit rights for the UI refresh.
  • Internationalization – Nikolay has commit access to manage the PO/MO libraries in WordPress.
  • XML-RPC – Joseph has commit access to develop and manage our external APIs, specifically XML-RPC.
  • Developer – A generic title for other individuals on the page.
  • External Libraries – These are separate code libraries that WordPress uses, like jQuery.
  • Translators – Please translate this string into the form of ‘English Translators.’ It’d be good to be clear that you are translators for that specific locale.
  • Icon Design – Obvious, I’d think.
  • Blue Color Scheme – For a designer’s work on the blue admin theme.

Approximate hierarchy, to allow you to choose comparative words:

  1. Project Lead & Lead Developer & User Experience Lead
  2. Core Committer/Developer
  3. Guest Committer
  4. Developer
  5. Core Conntributor


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