PTE Request

Hi Polyglots, I am author of shopstore free theme ( ). I have also suggested string for translation and would like to become a PTE.

Can you please add me as PTE for shopstore free theme .

Or Any help with the bellow translations would be much appreciated!



Requesting a GTE role for the #ar locale

I’m interested in contributing to the localization of WP core, themes and plugins.

I’m a web developer from Algeria, with quite good translation skills around these languages : English, French and Arabic. I’m quite familiar with collaborative translation projects (worked on Yoast SEO plugin and OwnCloud platform years ago) and I’ve used WPML content/string translation on various occasions.

If I am attributed the role of a GTE for #arabic, I’m wiliing to :
1. Enrich the #arabic glossary with missing terms, and discuss with the community to tackle any ambiguity issues between similar terms,
2. Try to put together a style guide for arabic locale contributors,
3. Suggest modifications (ncessary ones) to the core of the #ar #locale itself (in #GlotPress),
4. Share the load of the other GTEs and s in both string translation and reviewing.

I am keen to help provide an exhaustive and consistent high quality #ar localization for the popular / most used plugins and themes, but also some of the plugins/themes that target mainly arabic language users.

For that, we can put some milestones to prioritize our work :
1. Hit the 100% for the WP core localization.
2. Target the most used plugins/themes first (10 – 20 -50 – 100 most used) and make it above the 95% threshold for them to be integrated in current and future releases.
3. Gradually clean the crowded plugins/themes of any warnings/fuzzy strings (one at a time).

For the time being, I can dedicate at least one hour of reviewing and 2 hours of translation on a weekly basis..

I hope I can get along with you guys and learn from your experience within this community 🙂

Best regards,
Abderraouf Mehdi Bouhali.

@alex-ye @rasheed
@petya @ocean90 @nao @chantalc


Hello @perya As we discussed on #slack the…

Hello @perya
As we discussed on #slack, the AR Forum and the ARY forum need to be merged to one forum (, please make sure to export all the topics to the new forum as well as users and moderators.


(Note by @casiepa: adding @jmdodd for follow-up)

#arabic, #support

Hi there It looks like the moderators of…

Hi there, It looks like the moderators of in Arabic no longer exist. There is 78 pages of pending translation strings and the Arabic is still 13% only translated.
Could you please make me a moderator? Thank you.

#arabic, #moderation, #request

I just translated 125 terms to Arabic for…

I just translated 125 terms to Arabic for GlotPress Development. please validate

#arabic, #glotpress, #request, #translate, #validate

What’s wrong with the rosetta theme on local…

What’s wrong with the rosetta theme on local wordpress sites with RTL support?

The hebrew ( and arabic ( sites have ui issues on the header navigation.

#arabic, #hebrew, #he_il, #rosetta, #rtl

Hello After 50 days a lot of my…


After 50 days, a lot of my suggestions were not reviewed and many corrections I made were ignored (example: translating post into a blogpost is wrong, using article is correct)

Not to mention that there are many other active translators whose translations are not approved!

Some of my suggestions

  • Twenty Thirteen:[term]=&filters[user_login]=nabil_kadimi&filters[status]=either&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc
  • WordPress:[term]=&filters[user_login]=nabil_kadimi&filters[status]=either&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc

Any official word about this?


#ar, #arabic

I translated http translate wordpress org projects browsehappy…

I translated into Arabic, is there any maintainer able to approve it?

#arabic, #request, #translation, #waiting-approval

Translated 98% of Thirty Thirteen strings into Arabic…

Translated 98% of Thirty Thirteen strings into Arabic, kindly validate.


Revised 40% of the Arabic translation please validate…

Revised 40% of the Arabic translation, please validate:[term]=&filters[user_login]=nabil_kadimi&filters[status]=waiting


Request A forum for WordPress Arabic at http…

Request: A forum for WordPress Arabic at

Something like (Indonedia), (Spain) and (Portugal).

As an arab, and throughout my experience in other FOSS communities, I believe that the arabic WordPress user will benefit a lot from an official forum on WordPress.

#arabic, #forum, #request

Hi I would gladly help with the arabic…


I would gladly help with the arabic translation on bbPress and other projects I use heavily, but I see that strings are not validates here, I already tried to get in touch but couldn’t get answers.

Please advise.


#ar, #arabic

bbPress V 2.1.3 is now available FULLY in Arabic. How can we share it?

Hi, As part of one of our projects at Tasweek Online Ltd, we have fully Arabized the bbPress Plugin V2.1.3. We have it completely in Arabic Language and we would like to share it with the community but I am not sure how?? Please advise. Thanks,
Yousef Matios

#arabic, #bbpress, #languages, #localization, #translation

Hello there I didn’t found any Arabic translation…

Hello there,
I didn’t found any Arabic translation for Jetpack.
I’ll be more than pleased to do it.
Please let me know if there is a procedure that i should do before posting the translation.
Thanks in advance for guiding me 🙂

#arabic, #glotpress, #jetpack, #request

Is it possible to translate the word …

Is it possible to translate the word “Arabic” without editing the file (wp-admin/includes/ms.php) ?

#arabic, #translate