Hello After 50 days a lot of my…


After 50 days, a lot of my suggestions were not reviewed and many corrections I made were ignored (example: translating post into a blogpost is wrong, using article is correct)

Not to mention that there are many other active translators whose translations are not approved!

Some of my suggestions

  • Twenty Thirteen: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/twentythirteen/ar/default?filters[term]=&filters[user_login]=nabil_kadimi&filters[status]=either&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc
  • WordPress: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/ar/default?filters[term]=&filters[user_login]=nabil_kadimi&filters[status]=either&filter=Filter&sort[by]=priority&sort[how]=desc

Any official word about this?


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Is there a way to export the results…

Is there a way to export the results of a filter. I need all the unverified translations of bbPress 2.2 in arabic (nothing is approved yet).

I tought using the export would work, but it exports only the source strings, not the translations.

Thank you.

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Should we change the title of http ar…

Should we change the title of http://ar.wordpress.org, from “Arabic” to “العربية”, to keep it consistent with the other rosetta sites?

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I’ve deployed Rosetta for ar as requested but…

I’ve deployed Rosetta for ar, as requested, but you really need to change that screenshot… It looks like 2.1, from 2007 😛 You can upload a new one here: https://ar.wordpress.org/wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-header

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Hi I would gladly help with the arabic…


I would gladly help with the arabic translation on bbPress and other projects I use heavily, but I see that strings are not validates here, I already tried to get in touch but couldn’t get answers.

Please advise.


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RTL locales In 3.4 you will no longer…

RTL locales: In 3.4, you will no longer need to specify $text_direction = 'rtl'; in your $locale.php file. Please remove it from $locale.php, and if this makes your $locale.php empty, then remove the file. (Please branch /trunk/ off into /3.3/ first, in case there is a 3.3.2.)

The following locales have been included: ar, ckb, fa_IR, he_IL, ug_CN, dv, fa_AF, ha, ps, uz_UZ, yi. If you are missing (or are incorrectly included), let me know.

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hi i want to translation bbpress to Arabic…

hi i want to translation bbpress to Arabic language by Glotpress ,Is there someone tell me what i can do

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I’ve translated BuddyPress 100% to Arab…

I’ve translated BuddyPress 100% to Arabic. buddypress-ar.po
How can I upload it to official site of BuddyPress?
Test it here: fxarabi.com

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heyy all, I had no luck on WP.com forums…

heyy all,
I had no luck on WP.com forums, so i’m just here to ask again.
Can you please give me the access as a moderator to translate.wordpress.com in arabic?
Thanks in advance.

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