Hi Polyglots I’m a validator of the Portuguese…

Hi Polyglots,

I’m a validatorValidator See translation editor. of the Portuguese (pt_PT) translation team. We’re facing a major issue with our translation. Some of you may have heard of the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 (AO90). Well, it’s being implemented for 5 years now, with huge resistance in Portugal and several other Portuguese language countries. It’s mainly a political decision, with little respect for history and some basic rules. Nevertheless, it’s being used byimposed to public institutions.

A while back we had an internal discussion in the Portuguese WordPress Community regarding the adoption of the AO90. The vast majority said no. But now the question arises again, and it seems unfare, even if we still have a strong resistance, that there’s no alternative for those who want or need to have WordPress in accordance to AO90.

Therefore, what I need to discuss with you is the possibility of having variants for the Portuguese language, despite Portuguese in Portugal having only one norm. Me, @ze-fontainhas and several other members of the Portuguese Community have long discussed this possibility and how to implement a solution. Since there are no variants in the Portuguese language in Portugal, there are no ISO codes to identify possible variants. Anyway, it’s something we have to address and we wanted the Polyglots to help us.

Does anyone have any idea how we can deal with this?


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