An update on WordPress 5.0 and the block editor

The previous announcement included a note that strings for the new block editor weren’t yet available in the WordPress projects.

This has been changed over the last few days and around ~600 editor strings are now fully translatable. As mentioned before, when possible, the strings from the Gutenberg project have been imported so you don’t have to start from the scratch.

This also means that the WordPress project is now the canonical source for the block editor aka. Gutenberg. Please focus on the WordPress project as there’s no sync for changes between both projects.

Language packs are now also rolling for the 5.0 beta which means you can test your translations (if at 100%) right in WordPress. You can download the latest 5.0 ZIP from Select your language in the settings and let WordPress load the new language pack.

Thanks for all your awesome work and happy translating!

P.S.: You can read about the technical details in #45161-core, #45103-core, #45287-core, and #3875-meta.

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#3875-meta, #45103-core, #45161-core, #45287-core