WordPress 3.5.1 has been released. It’s a security release, with no string changes, so please kick your localized builds out the door! Thanks.

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We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow…

We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow (target is 16:00 UTC). In the meantime, we’ve made two more string changes in the interest of clarifying some of the gallery settings. Both suggestions came from translators (and others) —

  • “Random” (with the context “gallery order”) is now “Random Order”
  • “Describe this image…” is now “Caption this image…”

Note there are also “Describe this audio/video/file…” strings, but they can only be triggers by plugins for WordPress 3.5, so I didn’t want to needlessly give you three more strings to translate.

That’s it, by the way. We’ve continued to make a few tweaks but at this point, if it hasn’t been proposed or reported, we’re done.

You guys rock, talk to you tomorrow!

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Final notes for WordPress 3.5 1 Expect a…

Final notes for WordPress 3.5:

1. Expect a release in 10 to 36 hours from now. (The time is currently 0930 UTC. This general window I am providing you is thus is 1900 today to 2100 tomorrow). The release checklist takes up to an hour, which includes letting you know a release is pending, so you will have some lead time while we run through it. (We’ll be in IRC, #wordpress-dev.)

2. The “% selected” string is in core. The translator’s comment: This is a would-be plural string used in the media manager. If there is not a word you can use in your language to avoid issues with the lack of plural support here, turn it into “selected: %d” then translate it. For more see #22749.

3. Two strings, “Insert from URL” and “Set Featured Image”, were added to complete the media modal.

4. Two strings, “Refresh” and “Description”, were moved from the admin to the frontend, which meant a POT file change. (We can probably make this seamless in the future.)

Thanks for your patience this cycle. It has been a very enjoyable one. 🙂

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There has been a request to split a…

There has been a request to split a string into two by adding context to them: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/22724. The string is “Random,” and is used in both galleries and the links widget. The same string was also used for both in 3.4. I am inclined to leave it as is for 3.5 and deal with it in 3.6. Does this affect you? Please comment to the ticket.

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Hello all there were two very short strings…

Hello all, there were two (very short) strings added after WordPress 3.5’s string freeze to account for some final changes to the media UI:

  • “Add to Gallery”, the title of a screen. There is also “Add to gallery” (a button), which was added previously.
  • “Reverse order”, used on a button to flip the sort order of a gallery.

Two more strings already existed, but they moved from the admin to the frontend. If these strings were longer, I would try to manually copy it over from the other project, but it is probably easier if you just re-translate it:

  • “No items found.”
  • “Set featured image”

I appreciate your understanding.

Our target release date remains Wednesday, December 5, 2012. Zé asked for a prediction as to time. I’m not sure yet, but the window would be between 1600 UTC and 2330 UTC, hopefully toward the earlier side but you never know.

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String Freeze Strings for WordPress 3.5 are now…

String Freeze

Strings for WordPress 3.5 are now frozen.

The targeted release date remains December 5, 2012 (the same date we announced at the start of the cycle).

Unfortunately, this means I’m very late in formally declaring a string freeze. This is entirely on me and I accept responsibility for the delay.

With the exception of the About page, we’ve had only a handful of string changes over the last week. Most translations seem to be in fantastic shape this release, which is a great sight to see. I hope all of you are able to step up and push through.

If you find any typos or other issues, please report them to https://core.trac.wordpress.org/. If you have any questions (or are just plain frustrated with me), feel free to leave a comment.

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Hi when will be a 3.4 sub project…

Hi, when will be a 3.4 sub-project created on GlotPress?

Because, if I build a package from development branch, it will end up with 3.5-alpha package, and the next branch is 3.3, which will end up a 3.3.2 package…

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