Hi when will be a 3.4 sub project…

Hi, when will be a 3.4 sub-project created on GlotPress?

Because, if I build a package from development branch, it will end up with 3.5-alpha package, and the next branch is 3.3, which will end up a 3.3.2 package…

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I exported from 3.4 dev and imported to…

I exported from 3.4 (dev) and imported to 3.3.x. There is no untranslated string, yet there is no “3.3 and 3.3.x” option. Help please.

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From the wp hackers mailing list this concerns…

From the [wp-hackers] mailing list, this concerns all here:

Hi, everyone.

I want to present my GSoC project Language Packs, which will be incorporated
in the core for version 3.3.
You can follow installation guide
Detailed description is here: http://gsoc2011.wordpress.com/language-packs/
I would be happy if you suggest me some enhancements or report some bug.

Best Regards

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