So that I don’t forget, here’s a quick list of my current pain points with i18n in general. Please add anything you feel to be relevant to these points, keeping in mind that it’s still rather high-level at this point.

I propose we schedule a series of chats (not just one), to approach each section of the final list (i.e. this one, amended). Sorry to pile on @nacin, but he will probably be needed, which means that his constraints for scheduling take priority.

Have at it.

Locale Forums


  • It’s impossible to create new forums right now.
  • The ones that do exist are running a very old version of stand-alone bbPress, which is buggy and unstable.
  • There is no connection between Rosetta users and forum moderators and admins, permissions have to be given in two different places


  • Install the new bbPress plugin on all Rosetta sites and import content from existing forums
  • Keep the Pending/Resolved add-on, Akismet spam checking and whatever else is relevant
  • Implement sensible new user roles (see below)


(obviously just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more that can be added to this)


  • No clear overview of who is reponsible for what
  • Codex page is completely out of date, and history has shown us that it’ll go on staying that way
  • No record of activity on a user’s profile (contributions to translation, locale forums, rosetta posts)


  • Kill the locale teams and forming teams pages on the Codex, they’re useless
  • with (for now) simple information on language, latest release, team members and roles, contact page. This could probably be read automatically, from each Rosetta site
  • Direct download links, both for releases & language file bundles.


(note: some points below are very likely GlotPress tickets waiting to happen)


  • Neither Translate nor the import script (.POT-to-GP, a.k.a “import originals”) are aware of new branches, which makes it mandatory to add them by hand
  • There is no mechanism to download all language files as a bundle. This is not only important for existing stable installations, but also for those who want to beta test and most importantly for those who want to change to a language that wasn’t supported before
  • Not sure how this applies to others, but in languages with a lot of movement, too much time is wasted by validators on numerous suggestions of strings that should be in a “locked” state.


  • A way to automatically populate projects and the import secript by new branch
  • Don’t rely on developers to keep .POT files updated (i.e. run makepot from a Translate script, same as WordPress does now)
  • Implement export bundles (mostly for WordPress core)
  • Implementa a new flag to allow for locking translations against new suggestions/imports

Need to elaborate/discuss

Deploy system

  • Automate rosetta, forums, browsehappy deploys (i.e. add to queue, process once a day?)
  • Notify polyglots’ leads and lang admin of errors only
  • How do we get completely rid of svn?