Notes from the Polyglots chat on July 15th

  • All TE of locales with language variants, please write a request on make/polyglots for the option to be added for your locale. Requests should include a slug (like `formal`), the english and native name of a variant.
  • Let’s document the different language variant usecases we have now, @alvarogois, @dimadin @gluekpress, could you describe your particular usecase and how you have handled things prior to this?
  • A quick reminder you can translate 4.3 strings in the development project now. The teams page shows the progress of locales on the 4.3 dev branch. This, as mentioned last week, will also give you the opportunity to test translations if you have the beta tester plugin running in your install
  • Themes and Plugins are coming to the repo (, minimal requirements for TE to be added as per project validators:
    • Description including projects and locales they’re taking care of
    • Slack name (unless limited by a technical issue)
    • Other means of communication – email, twitter or other social account 
    • Gravatar
  • Plugins and themes who do not want dotorg translations (language packs from can “opt-out.” The way for them to use their own translations, instead of ones from is to… do nothing. Or, to keep doing what they’re currently doing. Translations that are shipped with themes/plugins take priority to language packs. WordPress will use them first and not download the language pack.

  • We’d love the accessibility team’s input on these requirements – Taco to pint Rian for her opinion
  • The process for plugin/theme authors to request external validators for their plugins/themes to be added is described in
  • Handbook updates: In august Petya will organise a handbook sprint for all handbook pages that have been reported to have issues. To help this process along, you can either report issues (slack or make/polyglots blog) or if you want to get involved more, request to be added as an editor to the handbook. The translation sprint will have tasks outlined for everyone who wants to join in to claim and work on. 
  • Polyglots team volunteers – with a lot more people joining the polyglots community, we need all the help we can get to help people with locale requests, questions, new validators orientation, documentation. If you’d be interested in helping out with any of the tasks below, please raise your hand in the comments:
    • Answering people’s requests on the polyglots P2
    • Doing locale research for new locale requests – includes checking the request on the p2 and communicating with the person requesting the new locale, ensuring the ISO-3 codes are correct, adding information about how many people speak the language, double-checking plural forms, creating a ticket on the GlotPress track with all the information needed to add a new locale. (You will be trained by Petya)
    • Monitoring feature requests/bug reports from polyglots and filing those as issues on the meta track





Hi Polyglots I’m a validator of the Portuguese…

Hi Polyglots,

I’m a validator of the Portuguese (pt_PT) translation team. We’re facing a major issue with our translation. Some of you may have heard of the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 (AO90). Well, it’s being implemented for 5 years now, with huge resistance in Portugal and several other Portuguese language countries. It’s mainly a political decision, with little respect for history and some basic rules. Nevertheless, it’s being used byimposed to public institutions.

A while back we had an internal discussion in the Portuguese WordPress Community regarding the adoption of the AO90. The vast majority said no. But now the question arises again, and it seems unfare, even if we still have a strong resistance, that there’s no alternative for those who want or need to have WordPress in accordance to AO90.

Therefore, what I need to discuss with you is the possibility of having variants for the Portuguese language, despite Portuguese in Portugal having only one norm. Me, @ze-fontainhas and several other members of the Portuguese Community have long discussed this possibility and how to implement a solution. Since there are no variants in the Portuguese language in Portugal, there are no ISO codes to identify possible variants. Anyway, it’s something we have to address and we wanted the Polyglots to help us.

Does anyone have any idea how we can deal with this?


#ao90, #iso, #portuguese-language-orthographic-agreement, #pt_pt, #request, #variants

4.2: “soft” string freeze

“Soft” string freeze

This morning we released 4.2 Beta 4, and as promised, we’ve also reached soft string freeze.

“Soft” string freeze constitutes a freeze on all new strings, excluding the About page. You can expect a “hard” freeze once we tag RC1 in a week or so, and that will include the About page strings.

It’s likely you’ll be seeing some changes to existing strings trickling in over the next few days as @nacin goes through and audits changes from the release. We’ll do our best to keep that to a minimum.

According to the 4.2 release schedule, we’re right on track for an April 22nd release.

#core, #string-freeze

Thought it might be fitting to post this…

Thought it might be fitting to post this as today marks five years since @ocean90‘s first patch to WordPress. As has been obvious to some of you, I have stepped back from i18n in the past few months, especially after 4.1’s release and as WordCamp Europe, WordCamp SF, the community summit, and Slack have empowered so many of you. I am stretched across a lot of projects, and Dominik very willingly stepped up to take on a lot of responsibility for improving Rosetta, core language packs, and related projects. He’s a highly respected WP core developer, he’s previously helped me on a number of i18n projects, and he’s slid into this role with ease. It’s also time for the technical point of contact to be a polyglot again. 🙂

@stephdau has also been instrumental for the massive project to translate plugins and themes (including language packs, localized plugin/theme directories, and the like). Also, you may have noticed a lot of coordination across these initiatives now happens in a #meta-i18n channel on Slack.

While I haven’t gone anywhere and I’m still helping a bit behind the scenes, please consider @ocean90 the new @nacin and the primary point of contact core/dotorg i18n and the like!


It seem to me that the complete status…

It seem to me that the complete status of this page are wrong.
Anyone can confirm or just me to see this error. It shows 100% completed in some languages but when you look inside there are many strings (10 page at least) that aren’t translated.

This string is not available in GlotPress https…

This string is not available in GlotPress:

It should be in Administration project, but it is missing.

All localized versions are missing this string and that is why there is default zero offset.

Maybe @nacin should look at it?

WordPress 4.1 instruction manual

WordPress 4.1 instruction manual

Hello polyglots! In the next 3 hours or so, @johnbillion will be starting the release process (in #core in Slack). Please make sure you are 100% translated for WordPress 4.1 and all subprojects, and also do not forget about the Akismet project.

I’d expect a release somewhere around 1600 UTC, but for most locales, the release process is now automated. Please read on.

Part 1, Language Packs

If you are 100% translated at the time of 4.1’s release, a language pack will be generated for you. This is a ZIP file consisting of PO and MO files only, and is used for the language chooser during the install process, and for the language switcher on the settings screen.

If you become 100% translated some time after 4.1’s release, a language pack will be generated for you once the script is run. This will be around every hour.

If you are 100% translated, a language pack has been created, and then you modify a translation to fix a typo or whatever, a language pack will be regenerated for you once the script is run. Please do not do this with unnecessary frequency, as it triggers an update across all WordPress sites.

Part 2, Release Packages — IMPORTANT CHANGES AHEAD

release package is what you’re used to building using the form on Rosetta’s dashboard. This is a ZIP file consisting of WordPress in its entirety, along with PO and MO files for core, the PO and MO files of default themes and Akismet, and any custom changes you have.

Do you have custom changes? For the purposes of this exercise, your locale falls under one of these four groups:

  • You have never had any custom changes and is entirely empty for your locale.
  • You have no custom changes for 4.1.
  • You have minor custom changes consisting of, at most, a translated readme, license file, and wp-config-sample.php.
  • You have extensive custom changes consisting of other files, such as wp-content/languages/$locale.php or core modifications.

Here are the details on each:

  • If you have never had any custom changes and is entirely empty for your locale, you do not need to do anything. Your release package will be created automatically for you. An example locale is en_GB.
  • If you have no custom changes for 4.1, please ensure you have an empty branches/4.1/dist or tags/4.1/dist directory at (Having an empty trunk/dist directory does not help you.) You do not need a dist directory if branches/4.1 or tags/4.1 is empty. An example would be nl_NLYour release package will be created automatically for you.
  • If you have minor custom changes consisting of, at most, a translated readme, license file, and wp-config-sample.php, please ensure these files exist in a branches/4.1/dist or tags/4.1/dist directory at (Having your stuff in only trunk/dist does not count.) An example would be eo or fr_FRYour release package will be created automatically for you.
  • If you have extensive custom changes consisting of other files, such as wp-content/languages/$locale.php or core modifications, you will need to create a package via Rosetta as you have done in the past. For this, We are phasing out the ability to ship any customizations beyond license, readme, and wp-sample-config.php. This means you need to reach out to the WordPress core contributors to fold your modifications into WordPress core. You can start this process by creating a Trac ticket.

To summarize:

  • If all you have is a license, readme, and wp-config-sample.php (or no custom changes at all), everything will be automated for you for WordPress 4.1 if you follow the instructions above. Both language packs and release packages will automatically be created once 4.1 is announced. If you are not at 100% at that time, then language packs and release packages will be created when you reach 100%. If you are later modify a translation (to fix a typo, for example), your language pack and release package will be regenerated.
  • If you have extensive custom changes, you will need to manually create a package via Rosetta as you have done in the past. This option is being phased out in 2015.


If you go to the releases screen on your Rosetta dashboard, you’ll see a new notice that explains what the system thinks your status is. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or issues, please comment here or find me or @ocean90 in #polyglots on Slack.

If your locale is currently eligible for automatic creation of release packages (which includes being at 100%), you’ll find an RC3 build generated from tags/4.1-RC3 waiting for you on your dashboard. Please inspect these ZIPs. Those locales are: az, bs_BA, de_DE, en_CA, en_GB, eo, fi, fr_FR, it_IT, nb_NO, nl_NL, pt_PT, ro_RO, and sv_SE (zip links).

#4-1, #announcement, #rosetta

4.1 will be released in a few hours – let’s get more locales to 100%

Dear polyglots,

WordPress 4.1 will be released in a few hours.

I wanted to give you the current status on updated locales and ask some of you for some last efforts so we can have more locales at 100% before the release. Currently we have 66 locales that are above 90% for WordPress, 56 above 90% for Admin and 54 above 90% for the Network Admin.

The projects and subprojects mentioned below are required for a release in order for a locale to get a language pack and automatically get in the language chooser.

WordPress is at 100% for 33 locales

SlovakWelshAlbanianDanish and Rohingya are at 99%

IcelandicLithuanian and Serbian are at 98%


WordPress Administration is at 100% for 33 locales

SlovakWelshAlbanian and Serbian are at 98%

BurmesePersianDanish and Chinese (Taiwan) are at 97%


Network Administration is at 100% for 52 locales

as there haven’t been any new strings there for this release,


Twenty Fifteen is at 100% for 31 locales

SlovakCzechKoreanWelshAlbanian and Serbian have between 1 and 3 strings to get to 100%


Akismet is at 100% for 35 locales

Spanish (Peru), French (France), Scottish GaelicAlbanianSpanish (Chile)Chinese (China)Chinese (Taiwan)Slovak and Spanish (Spain) all have just one remaining string.
It would be great if the validators for the locales mentioned above could step up and translate those last couple of strings that are remaining.


I’m pinging the most active of you, based on the activity.

Thank you in advance for your work. @nacin will post extended instructions for the 4.1 release for all of us today.



#release, #wordpress-4-1

I have given out our language url https…

I have given out our language url ( to potential translators. I recently discovered that the “Administration” partial of the WordPress translation isn’t visible there. This led to me not getting any help with that one this time… What’s up with that? 😉


@nacin We still have a few strings that…

@nacin We still have a few strings that aren’t translatable.

What about them for 4.1?

Polyglots chats Summary Dec 3rd and Dec 4th…

Polyglots chats Summary: Dec 3rd and Dec 4th


We’re going to try to adopt the structure of core’s chats summaries. Here goes.


  • Tagalog has a new translator team thanks to a call for new translator on slack worked well. @krzheiyah, @kel and @druesome joined the effort
  • 41 locales are up to date
  • We have some of the new strings in GlotPress ready to translate.


  • We still don’t have a 4.x Project on GlotPress
  • No string freeze yet and no information on when it or RC1 is happening (it’s obviously late)
  • 15 locales still behind on 4.0.1. (at the time of the meeting they were 16). @netweb has created a list of locales that are packaged still with 4.0


  • Research how different teams approach communication of translations and create a recommended process for new teams (@petya will work with @vanillalounge and @coachbirgit and post on the P2)
  • Work with core to create the 4.x project on GlotPress (that’s on @ocean90 and @nacin)
  •  Think about a way to alert validators and translators that there are new strings to translate and help them with packaging (Thanks to @netweb for raising the question)
  • @petya will add instructions on creating and importing/exporting Glossaries to the Handbook (Thanks to @deconf for pointing out we actually can)

Open discussion topics:

  • GlotPress improvements: suggest translation button, communication tools for validators and translators, Glossary
  • Language style guide and how to build them
  • Communication channels for translators and validators and different approaches to discussing translations
  • How we can help a locale that lacks translators/validators: we ask the current validators if they have anyone, then try everything we can
Next Polyglots chats: Wed, 10th Dec, 11:00 UTC and Thu, 11st Dec, 02:00 UTC

#polyglots-meeting, #weekly-meeting-notes, #weekly-meetings

Agenda for the Polyglots chats Nov 19th & 20th

Agenda for the Polyglots chats Nov 19th & 20th

Hello dear polyglots,

Almost time for the scheduled Wednesday and Thursday Polyglots chats. Here’s the proposed agenda:

  1. Update on existing l10n
    • 53 locales up to date
    • 6 locales down by one major version
    • 15 locales down by two major version or more
  2. How can we get more localizations active?
    • Contacting validators from the locales down-by-one (mk, nn, es-mx, tl, ta-lk, vi) and offering support
    • Maybe contact other validators and see if they’re in progress or inactive
    • If a locale is inactive, we need to find new validators
    • @Petya will contact the following locales: de-ch, ka, bel, lv, af
    • Who else wants to help contact locales?
  3. WordPress 4.1
    • Coming soon. About three weeks away.
    • String freeze is at RC, but when is RC? Schedule in flux.
    • Let’s get this on the agenda of the core team. @johnbillion @nacin
  4. Technical Chat
    • We need to schedule a “technical” chat to go over the technical responsibilities of the polyglots team.
    • Role includes things like Rosetta, deploy requests, and dealing with make/polyglots requests.
    • Let’s try for Monday or Tuesday. Who’s interested and when can you attend?
  5. GlotPress redesign status
    • Do we know what the current status of the UI changes for GlotPress is? Would be great if @teamadesign could join one of the chats and let us know.
  6. Open Discussion

If you have any suggestions for the agenda, please add them in the comments below.



#polyglots-meeting, #weekly-meeting-agenda, #weekly-meetings

I’ve opened a ticket #29664 two month ago…

I’ve opened a ticket #29664 two month ago. No one response. Today I’ve attached a patch file to support Myanmar script font-family.
I’m looking for a way to embed google web font for Myanmar.
I want to know if it is possible to embed in WP core or do I need to release Locale specific Package with embedded fonts.
Is there a way to add Word Break rules js file in WP core?

#core, #my_mm, #request

WordPress 4.1 is on Beta stage would be…

WordPress 4.1 is on Beta stage would be nice to have finally the 4.X branch and having the ne twentyfeifteen theme too, even if there will be changes in strings we could start to translate and not having to rush in the last 2 days before release.

#4-1, #twentififteen

iOS 4.5 translations has funky negative counts for…

iOS 4.5 translations has funky negative counts for ~12 locales untranslated strings

Ping @nacin, can you do that DB thing you love to do 😉