Glossaries and Style Guides per locale

In the table below you’ll find links to glossaries and style guides for many different locales. In addition to them, please also observe our general expectations for translations.

If your locale team doesn’t have a glossary or style guide, we highly recommend getting started by following this guide. Locale managers can create a Start Guide page on Rosetta by translating this page.

Locale WP locale Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Asturian Asturianu ast Glossary
Basque Euskara eu Glossary
Bengali বাংলা bn_BD Glossary
Belarusian Беларуская мова bel Glossary
Czech Čeština‎ cs_CZ Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Danish Dansk da_DK Glossary Style guide
Danish Dansk da_DK Glossary
Dutch Nederlands nl_NL Glossary
Dutch (Belgium) Nederlands (België) nl_BE Glossary
Emoji 🌏🌍🌎 (Emoji) art_xemoji Glossary
Finnish Suomi fi Glossary
French (France) Français fr_FR Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
German Deutsch de_DE Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Gujarati ગુજરાતી gu Glossary
English (Australia) English (Australia) en_AU Glossary
English (Canada) English (Canada) en_CA Glossary Style Guide
English (UK) English (UK) en_GB Glossary
Greek Ελληνικά el Glossary & Style Guide
Hindi हिन्दी hi_IN Glossary
Hebrew עִבְרִית he_IL Glossary Style Guide
Italian Italiano it_IT Glossary Start Guide
Japanese 日本語 ja Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Lithuanian Lietuvių kalba lt_LT Glossary
Marathi Marathi mr Glossary
Nepali नेपाली ne_NP Glossary
Polish Polski pl_PL Glossary
Portuguese (Brazil) Português do Brasil pt_BR Glossary Start Guide
Portuguese (Portugal) Português de Portugal pt_PT Glossary
Romanian Română ro_RO Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Russian Русский ru_RU Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Serbian Српски sr_RS Glossary Style Guide
Slovak Slovenčina sk_SK Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Spanish (Spain) Español es_ES Glossary Style Guide
Spanish (Venezuela) Español de Venezuela es_VE Glossary
Swedish Svenska sv_SE Glossary Style & Start Guide
Telugu తెలుగు te Glossary Style Guide
Thai ไทย th Glossary
Turkish Türkçe tr_TR Glossary
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt vi Glossary Style Guide Start Guide
Ukrainian Українська uk Glossary
Welsh Cymraeg cy Glossary