Team o2

Each locale team gets their own blog, allowing you to coordinate easier, right on

You can use them for whatever your local community needs. For example, you can use it to talk about WordCamps, meetups, translations, support, documentation, meeting summaries, discussions about new ideas and the likes – in your language. You can customize this site and add pages, as needed.

o2 is a combination of a theme and a plugin that allows for easier collaboration.

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Features Features

  • @mentions: Mention anyone on the network by putting an @ in front of their username. Members of your locale sites (including your main site, your forums, and o2) are automatically added to autocomplete.
  • Tags: Tagging can be added easily right inside of posts and comments. For example, #welcome tags a post with “welcome.” Click on a tag and to see all tagged posts.
  • Cross posts: Cross post to another o2 site on by using the + symbol. You can cross post to any site that’s using o2.
  • Everyone can publish: All registered members can submit posts. Posts by unknown users are saved as pending and need to moderated by an editor. Unknown users are users who are not a member of your o2 site and haven’t published a post.


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Customize your o2 Customize your o2

You can use the customizer

  • to change the title and description of your site
  • to activate the To Do module
  • to customize the editor prompt
  • to add and remove widgets
  • to add a menu to the blue header section

There is also a welcome message which appears for everyone who visits your site. It is dismissible, but reappears every time you edit the page. You can use the Edit link on the right to customize the content seen here.

Roles: All editors and locale managers are also editors on the team o2. As an editor you have all the default editor capabilities plus the capabilities to add and remove users and to change some settings (see above).

Translations Translations

There are two projects on which you should translate to make the site available in your language: P2 Breathe (theme) and o2 (plugin).