Setting up Your Local Site

Now that you’ve translated WordPress into your language, it’s time to create a website for your locale. These are called Rosetta sites (after the great Rosetta Stone) and will be setup at [lang] For example, Portuguese has the language code of “pt” and is given a domain of

A Rosetta site is your gateway to your local community. It is also the place where people go to download WordPress in your language. Rosetta sites are also used to give means of communication with local WordPress contributors and showcase great websites created with WordPress.

Setting up a Rosetta Site Setting up a Rosetta Site

When you request a new locale, you can also request a new Rosetta site for your community. Setting it up is as easy as setting up any WordPress site. It is recommended that it has a team page, a contact page, a blog and a showcase page and a page explaining potential contributors how to join the translation team.

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Adding your team to your site Adding your team to your site

The first thing you should do is add your team members to your brand new site. Unlike a standard WordPress installation, Rosetta sites have a a couple of additional roles that are used for giving permissions to translation editors. Those are integrated with Translate WordPress’s user permissions, and will give that users the right to approve suggestions and corrections.

You also have a way of giving translation editor permissions for specific projects. Read more about it in the Roles and Capabilities section of the handbook.

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Configure your site’s pages and menus Configure your site’s pages and menus

Configure your site’s pages and menus, to be found under the Pages menu and the Appearance > Menus items on your WordPress Admin Screens. Some pages need a specific page template to work, so please don’t change that.



Also, whenever you see “Please, neither delete this page, nor change its slug! The contents of this page are filled automatically, you don’t need to spend time here. Just change the title.” as the content of a page, well, don’t delete it and don’t change its slug.



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Configuring the Header Image Configuring the Header Image

The header image can be configured at https://[site]/wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-header, where [site] is your Rosetta URL. Be sure to upload an appropriately-sized image.

[Expand this page with screenshots and directions for getting to this page through the admin interface.]

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Making your site RTL Making your site RTL

If the text direction of your Rosetta site needs to be RTL (right-to-left), you can configure that yourself by translating a specific this string in the WordPress project (Please change the locale in the URL with your own locale code). For the change to take effect, you will need to request a deploy and wait for the Polyglots technical lead to deploy the changes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.25.45 AM

The above process will make your Rosetta site, local theme repository and local forums RTL.

Making your plugin repository RTL

The plugin repository is not covered by the process above. To make your plugin repository RTL, please  post a request on the Polyglots blog.

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Administrative Processes Administrative Processes

[Backend processes required for admins to create Rosetta sites or make changes only admins can make.]