Creating a new locale forum

This is the process the Polyglots Leadrship team uses to create new locale forums on requests by users. To request a new team O2, please post a comment on

Add new forum Add new forum

To create a new forum go to:

  • The Global Site Network > Add New
  • Enter the locale code in the URL field
  • Enter a site title
  • Enter the default email address for Admin Email
  • Select “Is the site a Rosetta forum?”

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Add Forum Keymasters Add Forum Keymasters

Go to the dashboard of the new site:

  • Go to Add Users
  • Add both users as Subscriber
  • Select the checkbox for not sending a confirmation email
  • Go to the Users list table
  •  Select both users
  • Use the “Change forum role to…” dropdown above the table to promote both as keymasters