What We Do

WordPress is translated into many languages which are translated by volunteer community members. The Polyglots Team is responsible for both translating and managing the this process.

Responsibilities Responsibilities

The WordPress project is large in scale. Along with the work the Polyglots Team does, it includes the following:

  • WordPress core
  • Bundled themes in WordPress (Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, etc.)
  • BuddyPress
  • bbPress
  • Rosetta (localized websites and forums)
  • Plugins (i.e. Akismet)

In addition it will be possible to translate any plugin or theme as a member of the Polyglots Team in the future. These localizations will go out to other users of whichever language you choose.

Because of language complexities, the Polyglots Team helps identify RTL issues and some design-specific problems that may affect localized versions of WordPress.

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Get Involved Get Involved

If you would like to start translating WordPress, visit Get Involved page.

It is possible that an individual or a team is already working on translating WordPress into your language, but they haven’t finished yet. To find out, subscribe to the polyglots’ blog, introduce yourself, and ask if there’s anyone translating into your language. There is also a list of localization teams, which you can check to see if a translation is in progress.