Local Slack Teams

Alert: This page is being actively maintained. If you find an error or would like your team to be added, please report it in the #polyglots Slack channel or post a request on https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots.

Local teams often use Slack as a tool for communication around translations and local community events. Here is a list of local Slack teams that you can use to connect with your local community.

Note that for most teams, an @chat.wordpress.org address is the easiest way to register. If you don’t have one yet, log in to wordpress.org and follow the instructions on make.wordpress.org/chat/.

Africa Africa

South Africa Sign up (first time): https://wpsa.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpsa.slack.com/

Slack group for all matters related to the local WordPress South Africa community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org email address or get a quick invite: http://wpsouthafrica.org/

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Asia / Pacific Asia / Pacific

Asia (General) Sign up (first time): https://wpasia.slack.com/signup
URL: https://wpasia.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress community members in Asia (Not locale-specific). For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

Arabic Sign up (first time): https://ar-wordpress.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://ar-wordpress.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Arabic. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

Australia Sign up (first time): http://wpaustralia.org/
Team URL: https://wpaustralia.slack.com/

Slack for the Australian WordPress community at large, and also organisers.

Bangladesh Sign up (first time): https://wpbangladesh.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpbangladesh.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Bengali. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

Bhutan Sign up (first time): https://wpbhutan.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpbhutan.slack.com/

Slack for Bhutanese WordPress. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

India – Mumbai 1 Sign up (first time): http://wpmumbai.org/slack/
Team URL: https://wpmumbai.slack.com/

Just another WordPress community – slack channel for Mumbaikars discussing WordPress meetups and WordCamp. English (mostly) / Some usage of Hindi and Marathi.

India – Mumbai 2 Sign up (first time): http://goo.gl/forms/amYMaAnlHS
Team URL: https://wordpressmumbai.slack.com/

Slack channel for WordPress professionals as well as learners in and around Mumbai, India, but everyone from anywhere–not just India–is welcome to join!

India – Gujarati Sign up (first time): https://wpgujarati.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpgujarati.slack.com/

Slack in Gujarati. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

India – Hindi Sign up (first time): http://goo.gl/F9RgPh
Team URL: http://wphindi.slack.com/

Slack in Hindi

India – Kannada Sign up (first time): https://wpkannada.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpkannada.slack.com/
Slack for Kannada WordPress. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/
India – Kerala Sign up (first time): http://goo.gl/vR78NZ
Team URL: https://wpkerala.slack.com/

Slack in Malayalam

India – Marathi Sign up (first time): http://goo.gl/LBpcYf
Team URL: https://maiboli.slack.com/

Slack in Marathi

India – Oriya/Odia Sign up (first time): https://wporiya.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wporiya.slack.com/

Slack channel for WordPress Polyglots in Oriya(ory)/Odia Language.

India – Tamil தமிழ் Sign up (first time): https://wptamil.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wptamil.slack.com/

Slack channel for WordPress in Tamil.

Indonesia Sign up (first time): http://chat.wp-id.org/
Team URL: https://wp-id.slack.com

Slack in Bahasa Indonesia

Iran – Persian The Persian team uses Flock at https://wpfa.flock.com/
Japan Sign up (first time): https://wpja.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpja.slack.com/

Slack for the Japanese WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address. Official documentation is on https://ja.wordpress.org/support/article/slack/

Korea Sign up (first time): https://wpkorea-auto.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpkorea.slack.com

Slack for the Korean WordPress Community.

Nepal Sign up (first time): https://goo.gl/forms/6kWo4M18rNTl2V8g1
Team URL: https://wpnepali.slack.com/

Local Slack channel info for Nepali language

New Zealand Sign up (first time): http://wpnz-slack.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpnewzealand.slack.com

Slack for the NZ WP Community and organisers.

Pakistan Sign up (first time): https://wp-pakistan.com/join/
Team URL: https://wp-pakistan.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Urdu.

Singapore Sign up (first time): https://sgwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://sgwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Singapore WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address.

Taiwan Sign up (first time): https://wordpress-tw.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpress-tw.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress Community in Taiwan. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address.

Thai Sign up (first time): https://th.wordpress.org/participation/
Team URL: https://wpth.slack.com/

Slack for the Thai WordPress Community.

Uzbek Sign up (first time): https://wordpressuzbekistan.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpressuzbekistan.slack.com/

Slack for the Uzbek WordPress Community.

Vietnam Sign up (first time): https://vi.wordpress.org/
Team URL: https://wpvi.slack.com/

Slack in Vietnamese

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Europe Europe

Albanian Sign up (first time): https://sqwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://sqwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Albanian WordPress Community

Austria (German de_AT) Sign up (first time): https://austriawpcommunity.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://austriawpcommunity.slack.com/

Slack for the Austrian WordPress Community

Belgium Sign up (first time): https://wpbelgium.be/slack/
Team URL: https://wordpressbelgium.slack.com/
Bulgaria Sign up (first time): https://wpbulgaria.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpbulgaria.slack.com/
Czech Sign up (first time): https://wpcz.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpcz.slack.com/

Slack for the Czech WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org email address.

Denmark Sign up (first time): https://wpdk.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpdk.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Danish WordPress community.

Dutch Sign up (first time): https://wpnl.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpnl.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Dutch WordPress community.

Finnish Sign up (first time): https://wordpressfi-slackin.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wordpressfi.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Finnish WordPress community, formed in the first Finnish WordCamp in May, 2015

French Sign up (first time): https://wpfr.net/slack/
Team URL: https://wordpressfr.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the French WordPress community.

German Sign up (first time): https://dewp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://dewp.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the German WordPress community.

Greece Sign up (first time): https://wpgreece.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpgreece.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Greek WordPress community.

Italian Sign up (first time): https://italia-wp-community.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://italia-wp-community.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Italian WordPress community.

Lithuania Sign up (first time): https://kodopoetai.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://kodopoetai.slack.com/
Norwegian Sign up (first time): https://wpno.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpno.slack.com/

Slack for the Norwegian WordPress Community

Polish Sign up (first time): https://wordpresspopolsku.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpresspopolsku.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Polish WordPress Community

Portuguese Sign up (first time): http://palheta.wp-portugal.com/acesso-ao-slack/
Team URL: https://wp-portugal.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Portuguese WordPress Community

Romanian Sign up (first time): https://wpromania.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpromania.slack.com/

Slack for the Romanian WordPress Community

Russian Sign up (first time): https://ruwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://ruwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Russian WordPress Community

Serbian Sign up (first time): https://wpserbia.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpserbia.slack.com/

Slack for the Serbian WordPress Community

Slovak Sign up (first time): https://wpsk.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpsk.slack.com/

Slack for the Slovak WordPress Community.

Spanish Sign up (first time): https://wpes.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpes.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Spanish WordPress Community.

Swedish Sign up (first time): https://wpsv.se/wpsv-slack/
Team URL: https://wpsv.slack.com/

Slack for the Swedish WordPress community and Swedish translations (sv-SE)

Switzerland Sign up (first time): https://wpch.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpch.slack.com/

Slack for Switzerland in all languages (FR, IT, DE, ROH)

Turkey Sign up (first time): https://wp-tr.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-tr.slack.com/

Slack for Turkish WordPress Community. Access with your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail or @wp-tr.org e-mail (if you have one)

UK Sign up (first time): https://wp-community-uk.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-community-uk.slack.com/

A Slack team for the UK WordPress community & organisers.

Ukrainian Sign up (first time): https://ukwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://ukwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Ukrainian WordPress Community

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Latin America Latin America

Argentina Sign up (first time): to be confirmed
Team URL: https://wpargentina.slack.com/

Slack team for the Argentina community and about translation of WordPress to es_AR.

Brasil Sign up (first time): https://slack-wpbrasil.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpbrasil.slack.com/

Brazilian slack channel to talk about WordPress, WordCamps and Meetups. No support allowed.

Colombia Sign up (first time): https://wpcolombia.slack.com/signup/ (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wpcolombia.slack.com/
Papiamentu Sign up (first time): https://wp-papiamentu-o.slack.com/signup/ (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wp-papiamentu-o.slack.com/

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North America North America

Canada Sign up (first time): https://wp-ca.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-ca.slack.com/

WordPress community in Canada.

Alabama Sign up (first time): https://wordpressalabama.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wordpressalabama.slack.com/

Community of people that live in Alabama and want to work together to Organize WordPress meetups around the state.

Illinois Sign up (first time): https://peoriawp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://peoriawp.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress community in central (Peoria area) Illinois, in the US!

Nashville Sign up (first time): http://wpnashville.com/slack/
Team URL: https://wpnashville.slack.com/

Representing Nashville-area WordPress folks. We are a volunteer team of local WordPress enthusiasts who strive to give back to the Nashville community.

Orlando Sign up (first time): https://wporl.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wporl.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress community in Orlando, FL

St. Louis Sign up (first time): http://stlwp.org/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation
Team URL: https://stlwp.slack.com/

St. Louis WordPress community come together in Slack to help others and coordinate events.

Utah Sign up (first time): https://utahwp.com/slack/
Team URL: https://utahwp.slack.com/