Team Structure #

The Polyglots team is organized into translation teams focused on specific languages. Each team has three roles: Translation Editors, Translation Contributors and Moderators. Meanwhile, team leads and team reps oversee translations teams, ensuring they meet expectations, and coordinate with the core team on day-to-day changes.

Roles #

The following roles exist in the Polyglots team:

  • Translation Contributors: Translation Contributors (formerly known as Translators) are volunteers that focus on translating WordPress into their language. They contribute to improving their language either in a small way, like fixing a typo, or a large way, likes translating entire parts of WordPress core.
  • Moderators: Moderators are active contributors who moderate their local support forums. Generally, these contributors get the permission to moderate from a validator of their language after contributing to the forums for a while.
  • Translation Editors: Translation Editors (formerly known as Validators) oversee an entire translation of WordPress, approving every word that gets translated. They’re also responsible for approving new moderators and editors to ensure their language is sustainable over time.
  • Team Representative: The Polyglots team rep is responsible for communicating both directions for the polyglots team. That is, they communicate to other teams what’s happening with the polyglots team and communicate back to the polyglots team what’s happening with other teams, especially core.
  • Leads: Polyglot team leads are responsible for overseeing the activities of all translations and setting the direction of the polyglots team. They work closely with the leads of other teams.

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Current Translation teams #

The translation teams are currently active and producing WordPress in their locale. Some have not yet shipped WordPress in their language, but are working hard.

On the Translation teams page, click on “Details” on the last column to see a list of the current translation editors and all the translation contributors that have ever worked on that locale.


If you’re interested in contributing to one of the translations, visit the Get Involved page and learn how.