How We Work

The Polyglots team is organized into translation teams focused on specific languages with team leads and team reps overseeing and helping with the day-to-day work. For more information on the roles within the Polyglots team, see the Roles and Capabilities page.

Communication channels Communication channels

The heart of the polyglot communication is our P2 blog – This is the place, where you´ll find all discussions, announcements, archives from weekly meetings and where you can request a new locale site or new project translation editors for your plugins/themes.

In order to post to this site, you will need to log in with your account. Note that your very first post may take a while to show up, as it is moderated; please don’t create duplicates. Also, make sure to follow our tag policy when posting.

Who can write on the Polyglots blog? Who can write on the Polyglots blog?

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What do we communicate on the Polyglots blog? What do we communicate on the Polyglots blog?

  • Release announcements and notifications for General Translation Editors
  • Global announcements
  • Meeting summaries
  • New sets of strings to translate
  • Translation changes and string freeze dates
  • General discussions
  • Event announcements

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Release cycles Release cycles

Before every new version of WordPress is released (approx. every 4 months), the core team adds a set of new strings for translation to the WordPress, WordPress Administration, and WordPress Network Administration projects. This happens in two main stages – a soft string freeze and a hard string freeze.

After each stage is announced by the core team, the General Translation Editors for all locales get a notification from the Polyglots leadership team with a request to translate the new strings prepare their locales for the release.