Getting Started at a Contributor Day

This guide is intended to help you get started contributing to the polyglots team at a contributor day. Below is an outline of what the polyglots team does and how to quickly get started translating WordPress and related projects. If you need any help, talk to your contributor day organizer, or ask in the #polyglots channel on Slack.

Group Name: Polyglots
Slack:, #polyglots channel

First Steps First Steps

If your language is already being worked on, the easiest way to get involved is by translating strings.

To do this, follow the steps described in the First Steps page:

First Steps

Once you have been involved with making suggestions to a translation over time, you may become part of the translation team. This is done at the discretion of each individual team.

If your language has not yet been created, follow the steps on the Requesting a New Locale page to get things started.

The fastest way to get help on translating WordPress is to join the #Polyglots channel on Slack. Log into your profile, then go to for instructions on how to log into Slack.

Support forums Support forums

To get involved with the local support forums:

  • Find your Rosetta site (for example for Portuguese)
  • Find the link to your support forum
  • Start answering questions in your language

(Note that not every language has a local support forum yet.)

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Tasks Tasks

Some easy tasks for a first time contributor are:

  • Find the language you wish to translate to
  • Start suggesting translations
  • Help out on your local support forum.
  • If an editor is at your contributor day, ask them to train you to become one.

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Group responsibilities Group responsibilities

The polyglots team is large and has a couple of major responsibilities:

  • translating WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, etc into many languages
  • helping out in the local support forums
  • helping translators for other languages get started and train their own contributors

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Common Tasks Common Tasks

As a member of the polyglots team, some common tasks that you’ll carry out are:

  • translating WordPress strings into your language
  • answering support questions in your local forums
  • taking part in and representing the local community at meetups and WordCamps
  • mentoring new translators and translation editors
  • creating translation documentation
  • creating a glossary for a specific languages to ensure translation consistency

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Prior Knowledge Prior Knowledge

To be involved with the polyglots teams, you might need the following knowledge:

  • understanding of WordPress
  • a good grasp of the English language
  • a good grasp of the language you want to translate WordPress into

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Polyglots Tools Polyglots Tools

  • Local sites (ex. for Portuguese)
  • Tools in local sites for releasing translations
  • bbPress forum software (for answering questions)

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Essential Reading Essential Reading