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Become a part of the Polyglots team and translate WordPress in your language

The polyglots team consists of volunteers from around the globe who help bring WordPress to local communities by providing translations for more than 162 languages.

We talk in two main channels: 
Slack:, #polyglots

How you can contribute?

Become a translator Become a translator

Translating WordPress is a great way to give back. If you speak a language other than American English, you can help WordPress by providing translations. Read the “First steps” page to get started, you only need a account.

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Become a translation editor Become a translation editor

Translation editors, are responsible for approving suggested translations and ensuring the overall quality of the translations across a locale or for a single project (like a single plugin and theme). Chances are your language already has a translation editor, but translating is a community effort and requires a lot of work.

Having a team of translation editors for each language is highly recommended, so even if your team already has one, you can join in and help translate more projects to your language.

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Help at your local support forums Help at your local support forums


Join the support forum for your locale and help other users with their WordPress installation. Look for your local support forum by visiting your website at []

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Contribute to GlotPress ( Contribute to GlotPress (

GlotPress is the translation management software that powers the localization of WordPress. It is an open source project and is being maintained and developed by volunteers from the WordPress community.

If are a developer, a designer or a UX expert and would like to help improve GlotPress, visit the GlotPress blog or take a loot at the open issues on GlotPress GitHub.